Fred Thompson supporters: Remember Nov. 21

Okay, Fredheads and future Fredheads…

It is not enough to merely say you are supporting a candidate — and if you want that candidate to win, it may not be enough even to merely vote.  Support comes in many ways.  It comes through your vote, yes.  It also comes from passing on information as you can, in being a bit of a salesman for your candidate.  It also comes from funding.  Funding allows commercials to happen.  It allows for trips to various cities and states to garner support.  It allows the staff to keep working.  Funding is, in many ways, the lifeblood of the political organism.

On Wednesday, November 21, the various pro-Fred bloggers and other supporters will be doing a mass donation drive.  We are encouraging all supporters to give to the cause on that date (and at any other time you feel like, of course!), both to supply the campaign with much-needed funding, and to show the outpouring of support this candidate really has.  For his own morale, and that of fellow supporters.

Go to Fred’s official site to learn more about the man, his ideals and his vision for America.  If you already support him, don’t forget to head over there on the 21st to show your support.

Remember, November 21 is your chance to actually do something for your candidate of choice, Fred Thompson.  Any donation will do, and is important.  Thanks, and thank you for your support.

God Bless


2 Responses to “Fred Thompson supporters: Remember Nov. 21”

  1. fredsgivingday Says:

    Hey, check out the website:

  2. independentthinking Says:

    Sean: Thanks for the link here, man… it’s referenced in a later blog, but it never hurts to get the word out.

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