National Right to Life endorses best candidate

National Right to Life is expected to endorse Fred (!) Thompson on Tuesday. For knee-jerk Dobson-conservatives, this seems somehow wrong. That would be because, instead of carefully considering the issue, and the real-life, pragmatic way to approach abortion, these reactionaries believe it is somehow better to continue to allow millions of babies to die annually while they fight for an all-out abortion ban, rather than get someone with a commitment to the overturning of Roe V. Wade to select judges who have actually read the Constitution. The reactionary conservative approach to this reeks of the same partisan idiocy that is leading Democrats to keep introducing anti-war and SCHIP bills they know Bush will veto. It’s counterproductive.Let’s put Huckabee in office, hypothetically, to see how this would play out. President Huckabee, true to his word, puts up an abortion ban bill. Doesn’t pass in the Dem-controlled Legislature. Children continue to die. Children keep dying until, by chance, Republicans take over Congress. President Huck once again puts up an abortion ban bill — but enough republicans are Giuliani Republicans that, once again, the bill doesn’t pass. Children keep dying.

Let’s contrast this, now, to a Thompson Administration. President Thompson continually vetoes every bill the Dems come up with that is in any way pro-abortion. Fortunately, there are still enough true republicans in the Legislature to avoid an override. Thompson carefully selects Supreme Court Justices based upon their views of the Constitution as written, and their commitment to judging based on the constitution instead of rewording it to suit political ends. Thompson makes good on his commitment to get Roe v. Wade overturned — finding ways to put the issue back on the front-burner instead of waiting for the issue to just come up again. States now have the ability to ban abortions on the state level — and many do. Right to Life groups, instead of fighting the governmental system, now carry the fight state-to-state, working locally instead of nationally, spreading smaller amounts of work out to individuals. Fewer children die this year than last — by a lot.

Can any of the other Republican candidates do what I’ve described above? Sure. In theory, they all could. But will they? Giuliani is pro-choice. He will remain pro-choice. Can we depend on him to appoint judges who disagree with him? Do we know he will veto legislation that makes abortion more accessible? Are we sure he’ll sign legislation that protects parents’ rights on teenage pregnancy? I doubt it. Fred (!) will. Romney says he will. But then there’s that whole political convenience thing. As late as 2002, Romney had a commitment to “protect a woman’s right to choose (Lowell Sun, March 20, 2002). Romney endorsed the abortion pill, RU486 (Boston Globe review of 1994 campaign issues, March 21, 2002). (Source:  Romney says he’s pro-life now.  Really.  I wonder.

Huckabee has two key problems in regard to abortion. The first and most obvious is, put simply, if Hillary wins the Dem nomination (which is by no means certain, but clearly seems likely), Huck can’t beat her. I believed this months ago, and I believe it now. The second issue, which I touched on earlier, is Huck’s ability to keep the eye on the big picture. Would he be able to prioritize a Supreme Court Roe v. Wade overturn as Fred(!) has committed to; would he make it a point to protect the rights of parents when it comes to pregnant daughters; or would he be too busy trying to push an impassable anti-abortion bill?

Thompson is the pro-life candidate. Thompson is committed to the overturn of Roe v Wade, and, more than merely pushing the pro-life agenda, Thompson can save lives. He is a consistently pro-life conservative, and the NRL is absolutely right in its endorsement.


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  1. independentthinking Says:

    To update: The announcement was official as of Tuesday afternoon, and can be found at

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