Fred’s Giving Day (semi-)official site

Blogs for Fred Thompson has kindly put together and official site for the November 21 Fred(!) donation day.  Sadly, by the time we figure out how to post the appropriate widget here, it will be too late.  So go here instead. is a pledges-only site.  Donations should still go through or pro-fred sites with donation widgets like this one.

 Don’t forget to pledge your support to Fred Thompson for November 21!


4 Responses to “Fred’s Giving Day (semi-)official site”

  1. Wow, you guys are up to 65 whole pledges already! Way to go!

    Seriously, be happy with the PAC and corporate money your guy’s rolling in and leave the rallying of popular support to the candidate that actually has some. I’ll check in on your widget after we break 10 million next month.

    Ron Paul 2008!

  2. Yay! My first real PaulBot. So… how -does- a tinfoil hat feel?

  3. How much money was raised?

  4. Still waiting to hear…
    Let you know as soon as we do.

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