Hillarycare Questions: The search continues…

For the past month or so, I have been looking for answers to some pressing questions on Hillarycare.  Questions that far too many people aren’t asking.  I tried the official myspace site, asking my questions in a manner that I felt was completely neutral and non-confrontational.  Evidently, Hillary also refuses tough questions on myspace — they refused to even post my question.  So, I tried the official site.  At least they posted it there.  Still no answer. 

Finally, today, I sent a message from the site directly to the official campaign.  I took the time to fill out my information, select a category in which my question would fit — presumably so it would go to the right person.  I got a response almost immediately — a form letter informing me that they were far too busy to respond to individual questions.  It’s true, they still may actually read and respond — and I hope they do.  But it doesn’t look good.

So, just in case, I’m asking anyone who reads this that may be voting for Senator Clinton if they could answer the following. 

 First, my original question:  Why require health insurance?  It is this question that I would like answered the most; and it is this that I have been asking of the Clinton camp, to no avail.  Why force insurance on people who may not want it?

Second:  Is there a plan on how to pay for this?  Since tax cuts are being given to those in the lower income brackets, are those for whom Bush’s tax cuts being lifted (under the Clinton plan) going to shoulder the entire financial burden?

If you know, I really am interested.  Seriously. 


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