Hillary: a True “leader” on Immigration

Ever the trailblazer, Hillary Clinton yesterday took the bold, decisive step of finally answering the question of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants — two weeks after it was asked.  It only took congressional democrats, 77% of America and the decision of NY governor Eliot Spitzer to finally drop the plan, to convince Senator Clinton that it may be a bad idea.  Or, at least, unpopular.

Even an idiot could tell how most Americans felt about the plan to give licenses to illegals — a point proved by Spitzer’s decision to drop it.  He may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but as the man himself said, “You don’t need a stethoscope to hear the heartbeat of the public on this one.”  Only, evidently, a minimum of two weeks.

I’d like to believe this will show Clinton supporters how very, very out of touch the good senator really is.  Somehow, though, I imagine them spinning this as Hillary being “strong” and displaying “leadership” in going against Spitzer.  They will, I imagine, conveniently forget that Spitzer himself dropped the plan before Hill did.

Learn from this.  Please.  I’ll spell it out.  Clinton on immigration:  clueless.  Thompson on immigration:  Right, again.


4 Responses to “Hillary: a True “leader” on Immigration”

  1. We must be wary of how the media spins this. Clinton may be championed as the greatest thing since sliced bread for no apparent reason and she’ll win. We need to break this pattern of Bush/Clinton/Bush, or we’ll be no different from an oligarchy.

    Personally, I support Ron Paul.

  2. Wow…Ronpaulobot, real good thinking man’s answer there.

    I don’t see why there is such a big debate about immigration in general. If they are illegal, send ’em back. Don’t make me pay for their healthcare, their ID cards, their education. How ANYONE, republican or democrat can’t see how pointless this argument really is, I have no clue!!! Can’t come into this country right?? Get the “F” OUT!!!!

  3. LP — I think you’re right about spin. They’ve already begun! Fortunately, even the MSM hasn’t been fooled yet. But they will be soon enough. They figure the public at large isn’t completely stupid — but they are forgetful. I’d say in the next couple days, you’ll start seeing a ton of stuff regarding Shrillary’s “leadership” on immigration.

    The Bush/Clinton/Bush “oligarchy” I think is not quite so important — which is to say, there are many, many reasons to make sure another Clinton doesn’t get into the White House. The idea that it completes a pattern is on the very bottom of that list; definition-wise, if they are legally voted in by the citizenry, it’s not an oligarchy.

    Still, another Clinton administration — especially with this, the more extreme, shrill Clinton of the two, actually running things this time around — could, and probably will, be disastrous.

  4. I understand that democratic processes don’t necessarily make this an oligarchy. But when the media picks and chooses who to bash, who to praise, what to spin, and what to omit, we the voters are left voting blindly, and the elections might as well be fixed. Okay, democrats and republicans might be different, but do their differences really matter? (Consider the real necessity to debate over gay marriage or the phrase “under God” in the greater scope of things going on right now and you see what I mean.)

    By the way, Miller, I mention Ron Paul because the media treats him unfairly. If we want our democratic processes to be, well, DEMOCRATIC, then all of the candidates should be given equal and objective (not “fair and balanced”) coverage. The media does not respond to public opinion, public opinion is formed by the media. If the media were not deciding which candidates are relevant, then maybe Ron Paul would appear more relevant to people like yourself. Additionally, you might actually know and perhaps appreciate his positions, for example his no-tolerance policy on illegal immigration: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/issues/border-security-and-immigration-reform/

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