John Edwards Joins WGA Strike

Anyone who thinks this is anything more than a publicity stunt, consider this: where was Edwards during the UAW strike?  I’ll let Yahoo! News answer this one:  “We did not find results for John Edwards UAW strike.”  They suggested I change my spelling, or use “different words that mean the same thing” (who do they think I am; a Dem presidential candidate?).

Of course, as his campaign intended, he’s being praised as “the only candidate” to show up at the strike.  Maybe because other candidates have issues of national import to deal with.  Just a thought.

Don’t get me wrong here — I agree 100% with the writers on this one.  They are absolutely right to strike, and if the TV industry doesn’t get its act together here, it stands to lose its most valuable assets. 

However, for Edwards to show up here can only be seen as pandering, and does little for his image as an elitist.  You have to remember, this is the same person who claims he worked with an unscrupulous housing lender (and make millions doing so) in order to learn more about the poor.  Then, during his famed “poverty tour“, (were there t-shirts?  It’s just not a tour without overpriced t-shirts.) he was so condescending, most people didn’t even know he was talking about them.

So, of course, of all the strikes and issues facing this country, Edwards would choose the white-collar and (frankly) relatively unimportant world of entertainment as his venue of communion with the workin’ class.  Even if they do make about twice (and in many cases more) than the vast majority of the real workers of America.

Which is fine.  We wouldn’t want him to get dirty or, you know, break a nail.


6 Responses to “John Edwards Joins WGA Strike”

  1. Oh please. I have friends on that strike line. Their average yearly take is $40,000 when they can find work. Their health care comes through their union, which fights hard for them. And the fight and issues they face are exactly the same that my union faces for me: fair wages for fair work. It’s union-busting to go around calling other unions and their workers “unreal.” Saying that some workers are better than other workers for any reason (even for getting “dirty” or whatever) is the definition of elitism.

    Here’s Elizabeth Edwards on Youtube on a UAW strike line.

    And I got 9,550 results for “John Edwards UAW strike” on Google.

  2. What a bogus claim! The UAW strike lasted TWO DAYS. John Edwards was appearing at forum and debates in other cities every single one of those days, including appearing at the SEIU labor convention in Chicago; participating in the MTV/MySpace forum on September 26, and an MSNBC debate.

    And because HIS schedule didn’t allow it, ELIZABETH EDWARDS was walking the picket line with the UAW strikers in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


    I’m sure if the strike had lasted a little bit longer, you would have seen Edwards there; he did issue a statement in support of the strikers the day the strike began.

  3. Omelas: you’ll notice, I’m with the Writers on this one. I said that. I’m not saying they’re unreal — far from it.

  4. Marshall — Elizabeth Edwards isn’t running. Regardless, the point is not so much that Edwards didn’t show up — it’s that it’s a show.

  5. Elizabeth Edwards IS campaigning — she was walking the picket line as the rep. from the campaign. If you are complaining about it being a “show” then you shouldn’t care about whether John Edwards shows up in person or merely issues a public statement (as he did).

    In any case, you also played a bogus game with your search of Yahoo “news”. The search engine “news” results only report very recent findings – the search phrase “John Edwards UAW strike” pulls up 452,000 results.

    You simply are being disingenuous in your criticism. The guy can’t be everywhere at once. He’s walked more than 200 picket lines in the past, including many that were unlikely to get much media attention.

  6. Marshall — no, clearly, he can’t be everywhere at once. I’ll grant it. My point here is that as pro-union as the guy is (and, yeah, he is), he’s there to get votes. However, perhaps for a first post on Edwards, a non-policy criticism was the wrong approach. I’ll discuss his errant policy on another post soon.

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