On-the-job training and political plagiarism

Posting two blogs in one day is not really a norm for me… but I had to point this out.  Hillary Clinton, who keeps touting her experience (!?!??!) attacked Obama’s inexperience, suggesting America “can’t afford on-the-job training” for the presidency.  This sounds remarkably similar to Mitt Romney’s website, which said, according to USADaily.com the exact same thing about her: “Romney’s website says that Senator Hillary Clinton does not have experience and our nation cannot afford a leader who needs on-the-job training.”  Maybe she reads USA Daily.  Or maybe she listened to Mitt’s new ad.

Mitt may not be my candidate of choice… but I do find it amusing to find word-for-word plagiarism by Clinton.  Not surprising, necessarily.  But definitely amusing. 

Kind of reminds me of some inner-party plagiarism by Huckabee with my man Fred(!).  Seems Huckabee, in spite of his Fred-bashing regarding his stance on abortion, has taken up the exact same cause.  Overturn Roe V. Wade and give the power to the states.  Boy, does that seem familiar……

Seems ol’ Huck wants to be viewed as the “constitution candidate”.  Sorry, bud… you may have noticed that the white papers you plucked your new ideas off came from the candidate who’s already there. 


7 Responses to “On-the-job training and political plagiarism”

  1. Lets not knock Huck to much, He’s my man for Vice President. Baptist minister can we go wrong with him as Vice

  2. Huck has some issues. I’m not against the idea of his being vice… but I’m soured to it quite a bit. His ideas of banning cigarrettes, for example, is one that I’m not sure I can get on board with, and I’m not sure he’s adequately answered the tax issue. He’s a little too nanny-state for me.

  3. Yea But hes all about Bringing God back to America. Its true we were founded on State rights, but also Godly values

  4. Forcing one standard of morality (which in some cases not even all Christians agree on) on Americans is not “bringing God back to America”

  5. Its not a forced standard… Well Smoking may be.. But lets face it why isnt smoking banned its more dangerious then other things that are banned? Kind of being hippocritial arent we.

  6. Ambrose;

    r2steu is correct. Huckabee is a fiscal disaster, and supports liberal nanny-state policies.

    While it is typically liberals that break out the “Establishment Clause” to the Constitution, I’m going to dust it off for the sake of argument.

    While we are free to practice any religion we choose – there are those whom are free to have no religion at all. It’s true that the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, but it is not up to the Federal government do dictate religious moral issues to the people.

    That’s the problem with most so-called conservatives. They hyper-focus on moral issues, and forget all about fiscal issues, our military and the threats to our sovereignty. Which, in my opinion is a bigger drain on our society than he lack or God and morality.

  7. I’ll leave it here, for others to comment if they wish…
    I’ll discuss why nanny-statism is bad on another post.

    I’m a little sad I have to explain it to you.

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