American Oil

As I sit here typing this, my house is slightly cooler then usual.
Outside sit my S-10 and Focus, with nearly empty tanks.  All because
of a raising gas cost that will help to stifle the economy of many
states offer the next few months.  And as I sit I have to ask myself
when the United States of America turned into a country of prissy

I propose the United States tells the rest of the world they can just
sit on their oil, we will use our own.  I’m sick of pandering to left
wing nuts and power hungry world leaders as we go like a dog with his
tail between his legs asking for affordable oil prices.  Just the
other day at an OPEC convention Venezuelan leader Chavez said OPEC
nations should be willing to raise the cost of Oil to 200 dollars a
barrel if the United States were to attack Iran.  Since when do we in
America let Venezuela dictate our foreign policy?

We here in the US have rich oil reserves in Alaska, the Gulf of
Mexico, the Great Lakes, and throughout the western half  of the US.
I say we set up production in a couple of these locations, we then
tell OPEC exactly what were willing to pay.  If they don’t like it, we
Buy from friendly nations and use our own.  I also propose we lay our
claim to oil deposits in the Arctic regions as I’m sure Canada will
not fight us over it.

The oil cost in many ways is a simple look at supply and demand.  We
need oil, so these countries feel they can charge as they wish.  Once
we no longer need them.  They will need us.  The US is the first or
second largest oil using county in the world.  The OPEC nations need
to sell to us.  As soon as we don’t need to buy from them prices will
drop and fast.

Its time our leaders worry about Americans.  The go green democrats
are more worried about a tree then they are about American citizens.
Which by the way Global warming the biggest sham since pet rocks, but
I’ll write more about that in a future post.


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