Job Creation: How Hillary Clinton Will Use a Worthless Metric to Take Over America

Hillary Clinton has begun to outline her new economic plan.  Though she’s being praised by her corner for specifics, I haven’t found any, unfortunately, so I’ll have to work with what she’s got. 

Before I get into that, though, I’d better start by explaining what I mean in my title, when I say “worthless metric.”  During elections, Democrats especially love to throw out numbers like “jobs created” during certain terms.  They see this as an extremely important metric in determining how to rate a President’s success.  However, not only is “job creation” not in the President’s job description, it isn’t even in the federal government’s!  “Job creation” is a false metric created by people who either haven’t read the Constitution or have chosen because of political convenience to ignore it. 

Hillary Clinton is one such person.  In her new economic plan, Clinton promises to create “good jobs essential to broad-based prosperity.”  The released information doesn’t really go into her strategy for doing so, but one would assume this strategy would tie in with the rest of her “comprehensive” plan.  So, then, looking deeper into the plan, we see a bunch of stuff about HUD, and about home energy.  Not so much about how she’s going to create those jobs.

So, it appears we’re going to have to look at the policies and issues she has been a bit more vocal about.  This whole thing centers, as does most Leftist policy, on class warfare.  (Class warfare is good for liberals, because “Us vs. Them” makes much better propaganda than “You have what it takes to succeed.”)  So, knowing that, we drop over to Hill’s Issues page on “Strengthening the Middle Class.”  I’m not really sure how creating more government dependence is considered “strength” — but then, I’m not a liberal. 

So here, alongside Clinton’s promise to create “good jobs with good wages,” we see also references to her healthcare plan, ideas to protect people from having to read fine print on housing loans, throw more money at public universities, and — ah, here we are — increase the minimum wage.   

Okay, now let’s take a look at the first and last things I mentioned on this list: healthcare and wages.  Now, I’ve mentioned healthcare before here, but to quickly lay out what this means in the context of job creation:  Under Hillarycare 2.0, employers will be required to either (A) put money into healthcare for their own employees or (B) pay an extra tax that would be earmarked for Clinton’s public health insurance.  Add this cost to the increased minimum wage under another Clinton administration, and you see a net loss for American businesses. 

Now, when you look at the pattern of business, what generally happens when cost of labor goes up is that either (A) businesses outsource to a contractor or, (B) they outsource to another country.  Though the first option may create a couple jobs, neither is particularly good for American workers as a whole. 

So, the conclusion I have to come to is that either Hillary is ignorant of basic economics (which I doubt… she’s a lot of things; dumb ain’t one of them.), or she expects you are.


2 Responses to “Job Creation: How Hillary Clinton Will Use a Worthless Metric to Take Over America”

  1. Andrew Fetter Says:

    Yeah, but the outsourcing that you mentioned in the second to last paragraph also happens when companies are making record profits, which should be able to offset the cost of labor. Not to necessarily justify a lot of the other concerns you have, but wages and health care costs aren’t the ONLY reasons for people losing their jobs. Corporate greed has a lot to do with it to.

  2. It can have, true. But most well-run corporations treat their employees very well. Or try to. Of course, in this instance, Hill’s plans don’t only hurt corporations. Corporate jobs will be lost because of this — which is to say, blue-collar corporate jobs. But not only that, it’s a huge additional burden on small business.

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