The Rock and Global Warming

So what does global warming have to do with rocks you may ask.  Well both are real things, but both have been exploited for the profit of others.   In the 1970’s or more specifically 1975, advertising executive Gary Dahl had a brilliant idea.  He would sell ordinary rocks as pets, he packaged them is little cardboard pet carriers complete with instructions how to teach your pet rock to sit & stay.   Because of this idea Gary Dahl made millions of dollars.   

Here we are 32 years later and a movie entitled An Inconvenient Truth has brought about the “Go Green” craze.  An Inconvenient Truth was the creation of former Vice-President Al Gore loosely based on the fact that there is some evidence that the earth is growing warmer over the past 100 years.   However there is no evidence that man is causing this warming by releasing carbon’s into the air.  Although there a lot of scientists who believe this warming is man made, there are also a lot who look at history as a whole and realize the earth’s climate has gotten both warmer and colder since its existence.    

Gore however never looked at both sides of the story and has started a craze in America the likes of we haven’t seen in years.   Because of Gore’s popularity the geniuses in Hollywood jumped aboard right away calling for us to do things like walk to work, and only using one square to toilet paper per trip.  Al Gore himself even calls for us to make changes in our home, using more solar energy and riding our bikes to work.  All the while he flies back and fourth from his mansions to his speaking engagements on his private jet, just raking in the money from his global warming farce.   How much money remains to be seen but it makes the millions made from pet rocks look like the piggy bank of a four year old.

The Pet Rock lasted just under a year.  As we approach a year and a half later the America has still not realized there being duped by Al Gore.   However around the world others are catching on.  Recently a UK judge ruled that the film had a number of “inconvenient untruths” as supporters of the movie tried to push it into the schools.  Judge Burton relied on the testimony of experts to rule there is no evidence to support that the sea levels will rise 20 feet in the “near future” and it is very unlikely the Gulf Stream that warms the Atlantic will cease to flow according to the International Panel on Climate Change.   And as far as those cute little polar bears that are drowning as they search in futile for ice flows,  only four polar bears have drowned in the past 3 years,   all 4 were caught in a storm.   

30 years ago it was popular to carry around a pet rock, now we look at the fad as a bit crazy.   Why would anyone spend 4.95 on a rock, I have a driveway full of them.  I wonder how we will view today’s culture 30 years from now.   Well if you believe Gore and the Go Green crew, we won’t be looking at today’s culture, since we’ll all have drowned or boiled because of this crazy climate.  I believe however we’ll look back and laugh at just what fools we all were at getting sucked into something as ridiculous as man made global warming.  


One Response to “The Rock and Global Warming”

  1. Definition of Irony: Cruiseship full of people who fully believe global warming is causing the extinction of icebergs sunk by… an iceberg! And in further irony, creates worry among environmentalists about the carbon impact of a ship full of fuel on the bottom of the ocean floor.

    Thank God, everyone survived, and mostly unharmed. But still — Hilarious!

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