It’s okay to kill them; but don’t spank your kids!

A Massachusetts nurse named Kathleen Wolfe had an overactively melodramatic response to spanking when she was a child, managed to pass her fear on to her own daughter, and now is trying to outlaw the practice throughout the state.

State Rep. Jay Kaufman, who is presenting Wolfe’s bill, says this law is not about spanking, per se, but about the line between discipline and abuse.  This guy must be a democrat.  Of course it’s about spanking.  The language of the bill calls for an end to parents “forcefully laying a hand on their child” unless there was some real danger involved for the kid.  And “forcefully” isn’t at all subjective, of course, and would never, ever be interpreted to mean mere “spanking.” 

But, in spite of idiotic assertions to the contrary, in fact, the bill would, according to Mass news sources like the one cited, ban spanking on all children under 18.  Presumably, it’s okay to swat your 19-yr-old, though. 

As much as I would sincerely like to believe that people who are against spanking their own children would be able to leave me alone regarding the decisions I make about what’s best for my own kids — the Massachusetts proposal, and the vocal (if VAST minority) support of it makes it plain that there are enough nannystaters still among us to be annoying and potentially threatening.

Though it’s fortunate for me that I do not live in Mass., I do wonder how long it’ll be before Hillary “Takes a Village” Clinton will pick up the cry (or, perhaps, whine) on a national level.

Well, to them (or you, if you happen to be one of those meddling nanny-state supporters of Wolfe-Kaufman) I say, you can have my inch-thick oak paddle with holes for better air flow when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.


2 Responses to “It’s okay to kill them; but don’t spank your kids!”

  1. You make some interesting points about policticians meddling in our lives. I about this issue today in my blog.

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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