Early Thoughts on the You Tube Debate

Well first off I’m not a huge fan of this whole You Tube format; Why, because I’m tired of this 8 man debate structure.  We no longer need 90 second sound bites; let’s see some discussion into plans and policies.  How many more times do we need to hear that Hunter built a good border fence, or that Rudy reduced crime in New York?  Also I get the fact that Paul wants to bring our troops home and Mitt no longer is Pro Choice.

Secondly this was a very liberal forum in which these men were asked to answer questions.  From an openly gay army general who had already pledged money to Hilary’s campaign to members of John Edwards’s staff.  This was You-Tube and CNN pushing the liberal agenda.

That being said I guess there were a few highlights and lowlights to this evening’s event, so let’s take a look at the evening’s winners and losers, or at least my first thoughts on how each candidate did.  I will write more on the debates after a second time of watching and taking notes.

Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo –My thoughts with these two are why they are still in this election.  I’ve watched debates, read articles, even checked out there sites, yet I still don’t think they have an original idea to stand on.  They both want to close the borders, and that’s about it.  They don’t have a chance at winning, and there not pushing the envelope, drop out already and vive the other candidates more time.

Ron Paul – Half of what this guy says is brilliant, unfortunately the other half is insane.  He has a ton of supporters but most of them are sure the government is conspiring against them and watching their every move, so they will never leave the safety of their mom’s basement to vote.  Paul didn’t add to or hurt his chances with tonight’s debate, he still can’t win.

The other 5 candidates all have at least some chance to walk away with the nomination.

Mike Huckabee – I could get behind this guy if he didn’t buy into this whole George Bush thought process of compassionate conservatives.  Also his fair tax is insane as it will shift the burden of the taxes to the poor and middle class.  I love his Christian Values; he’s just soft on everything else.  I really think he would be best of to make a deal with one of the Big three to come aboard as a Vice President if they win, and try to push the Conservative Christian vote their way.

John McCain – He may have won the debate tonight, He seemed to be given a lot of questions and he attacked wisely.  He probably can’t win an election he’s still to liberal and his actions earlier this year in trying to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens killed any chance he had.

Fred Thompson – If McCain won the debate tonight with personality, Thompson won it with the issues.  Once again Thompson seems to be the only one who consistently puts out new ideas and doesn’t seem to continually fall back on his record.  Unfortunately the media seems against him, as it seems he can get a question his way.  On top of that I think the other candidates fear him as they refuse to go after him knowing he will get a chance to respond.  Thompson is going to have to find a better way to get his message out then these sound bite debates.  Fred and maybe Mitt are the only true Regan Conservative of the bunch.  As Mitt flounders late and the truth about Huckabee somewhat liberal values comes out, I think Fred will take off.

Mitt Romney – Usually the smooth Politician seemed to flounder at times tonight.  He rarely puts out thoughts to his presidency and has been reduced to fling mud at Rudy every chance he gets.  Mitt may be a good President, but the more mud he flings the more Huckabee and Thompson rise in the polls.

Rudy Giuliani – I don’t understand how conservatives continue to support him.  He’s more liberal then McCain.  Yet he has a large conservative following.  He’s for stricter gun control, he’s pro choice, he’s against basic family values yet he continues to evade all questions that will hurt him, and the few he fields he merely double talks his way around it.  He did well in the debate, but once again, it was all about reducing crime in New York. 


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