Hillarycare Update: Mandates

Hillary Clinton has recently given a talk in which she (kinda) explained her federal mandate for health insurance.  In order to save you the pain and suffering of going through the entire blog about it on her website, I’ll highlight her reasoning (then you have only to suffer through my blog about it). 

About having a federal requirement for all US citizens to carry insurance, Clinton said, “Now all Americans will have a responsibility to get and keep health insurance. I believe when you make this the law of the land, Americans will follow it and will purchase health insurance – far more than if we don’t have that requirement.”

So — it’s a requirement so that everybody will have it.  Makes sense.  Kind of obvious, actually.  It’s okay, though… she clarifies.  Actually, she cites Senator Obama’s Health Care Task Force to clarify: “…they made it very clear if you want to cover everyone, you need to require people to get health insurance. Otherwise, you will fail to cover 60-90% of the uninsured.”

So… according to the taskforce she’s citing, most Americans who don’t already have health insurance don’t want it.  However, she’s reiterating, this is why it’s important to require it.  Otherwise, people won’t get it.

But why?  Why is it so darned important that every American — even those that don’t want it — have health insurance?  Mrs. Clinton supplies only one answer for this question as well, multiple times.  I’ll only quote her once, though:  “…if anything, Democrats should stand for universal health care. That distinguishes us from the Republicans. ” (empasis mine)

There is some very, very odd reasoning going on here.  We need to ensure that every person has health care, so we’re going to mandate it… it must be mandated so that every person will have healthcare … every person having healthcare is important because it’s what makes us Democrats.  Great.

So, once again, I’ve asked the Clinton camp, very politely, why it’s so very vital that every American — even those with no desire to have insurance — have insurance.  When somebody can come up with an answer, I’ll let you know.  I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that if there is an answer, it will sound awefully close to these:  “we must have universal healthcare so that we have universal healthcare.”  And I suspect this is because, ultimately, the Democrats in favor of these measure aren’t willing to come right out and say it:  They need everyone to get it so that everyone can pay for it.  They’re going to tax you regardless — but this way, you can’t claim you’re not getting anything for it.

UPDATE, 12-4-07:
Though there is still no answer forthcoming from the Hillary camp on the subject of mandates (or on how to pay for the darn thing), I’m noting with some pleasure that there are now more people asking these questions than just myself… many of them also on Clinton’s campaign site (linked above).  We still aren’t getting answers, but the movement, inasmuch as there is one, is growing. 

Aside from the 4-6 of us asking questions on the Clinton site, there are, of course, the requisite koolaid drinkers who fervently believe the Senator is the Second Coming of Joan of Arc or some such.    And a self-proclaimed French guy who has it in his head that his opinion on American healthcare matters.

These questions need to come to light.  And, I believe, the answers.  The questions are the beginning.  Many of those asking are liberals and nanny-staters who appear more concerned with the issue of cost than that of freedom — but they are asking.  And at some point soon, Mrs. Clinton will have to face these questions and give a clear, concise answer.  An answer, I believe, that will expose the very limit of her beliefs about the intelligence and competence of the average American.


4 Responses to “Hillarycare Update: Mandates”

  1. Its odd, With the laws the way they are, I can see a reasoning behind a forced healthcare mandate. Because if your sick and your hurt Hospitials have to treat you. And every year they get stuck with billions of dollers in unpaid healthcare so the cost then gets defered to those with health care by way of higher prices.

    Now I dont support mandated healthcare. Although I may not be completly against a plan to allow those who really want it to get it reguardless of health, I’m not saying this should be free, But i’m not sure the guy who has a stroke at 25 should be denied a lifetime of healthcare.

    Anyway I would propose instead of looking to enforce healthcare on everyone, with higher taxes and such. Why not make it a pay as you go for those without it? So the hospitals and those buying healthcare dont get stuck with the bill.

  2. I had to despam this comment. You’d think the software would recognize you, being one of the authors and such. Must be because this comment was so far toward the left. 😉

    I just don’t think healthcare is or should be a government priority. It’s not a right, and it’s not guaranteed.

  3. Its odd, as I rant about denying healthcare to those who chose not to be insured and cant pay. You would look to me and say I’m to the left.

    You may be the only person on the planit to the right of me But watcha gonna do.

    I would simply pose this question? Tomorrow your wife has a stroke, If the governmet got out of it completly then A, her job would not have to cover her, and B Hospitals would not have to treat her without insurance. So now you wife 100 % uninsured becaue of a poor health record, has another stroke. Do we just let her Die? DO you run door to door trying to come up with 30,000 dollars so the hospital will let her in.

    In the end, I’m far against a government forced healthcare, even more against a government run healthcare, but I can see a need for government and the federal or state level to impose some regulations on the health care industry to keep people from dying outside the hospital doors. Are system is the best in the world now, but why not try to improve it

  4. […] to be anwered within the next few days.  The perfect opportunity to finally get an answer to the mandate question — straight from the horse’s mouth?  Just […]

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