Rush (Finally) Gets It — Many Republicans Still Don’t

Rasmussen polls taken last night (mostly before the end of the debate) have Rudy Giuliani leading the Republicans with 27% of the vote.  Though Rasmussen is far from the only polling service, and many other services show wide disparity with Rasmussen, I find this deeply troubling. 

It’s not that I don’t like Giuliani — I do.  It’s that when I pull the Republican for President lever next November, I want to be voting for a Republican.  Giuliani’s about as Republican as Joe Lieberman.  He has defense.  That’s his Republican part.  He’s pro-gay-marriage, pro-abortion, has turned NYC into a sanctuary cityendoresed Democrat Cuomo over Republican Bloomberg for governor.  And, oh, yeah… has the worst record on gun control of any of the republican candidates. 

Giuliani’s response to these criticisms?  I was mayor of New York City!  I stopped Crime!! 

I don’t honestly know why he’s going on and on about his mayoral record on crime.  This is something that, actually, confuses me greatly.  We’re not electing a DA, and we’re not electing a judge.  We’re certainly not electing a mayor.  Don’t get me wrong: it beats him running on 9/11 — again.  But still, it would be nice if the guy actually had a record that backed up his rhetoric. 

Speaking of rhetoric, though, Rush Limbaugh has finally come around somewhat on what’s really happening with our Republican pool here.  Limbaugh, always paying attention, noted that, in the debates last night most of the top-tier candidates were wishy-washy, moderate, or even liberal in their responses:  “There was one candidate who did not display any moderateness or liberalism or have any of his past forays into those areas displayed, and that candidate was Fred Thompson.” 

Limbaugh goes on to suggest that the “no fire in his belly” criticisms are ill-informed.  “I don’t think anybody would get into this mess running for the presidency, the media and all of these things. You can’t imagine what these people go through.  You wouldn’t want to go through it, and I can’t imagine somebody put themselves through it if they really don’t want it.”

If truly conservative voters were basing their voting decisions on substance, on true conservatism, Giuliani should be somewhere 12 points behind Ron Paul.  Sadly, it really does seem to me that Republican voters this year are going for sizzle over steak.  I truly hope this isn’t the case.

Conservatives, let’s stay conservative. Give Fred Thompson a look, check out both his stances on issues, and his record on them.  Take a look at his proposals.  Fred Thompson is the true conservative in the Republican lineup. 

(Off-the-record note:  I really hate to go off on other republican candidates, since, barring Thompson taking the primary, which I truly hope he does, I may end up having to support one of them.  But among all of them, Giuliani is simply not the Republican we need.  Not now… not ever.)


2 Responses to “Rush (Finally) Gets It — Many Republicans Still Don’t”

  1. coollikeme Says:

    I will pull the Giuliani lever too. Don’t vote for the party vote for the person.

  2. Cool: that’s my point, though. I don’t want Rudy. I may not vote for President if Rudy gets the Rep. nod … though I may hold my nose and give in should my fear of a Democrat White House become too strong.

    The point is, though, that Rudy is the last of all candidates that should get the Republican nomination. He’s barely a Republican. Maybe that’s too far to the right — he’s “barely” a Democrat. That’s better.

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