Note to Grover Norquist: Get Over Yourself

I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to write anything about that travesty CNN called a debate on Nov. 28.  People far smarter than I, from RedState to Townhall to Flopping Aces — and even SIT’s own Ambrose — have done an admirable job pulling what little could be gained from amongst the BS that filled the evening and making real progress in analyzing it.  I felt, given this, that I could simply leave it alone, and move on to the next subject.  With extreme prejudice.  Then Newsmax sent me an email from Grover Norquist — essentially a transcript of his YouTube response to those two candidates (Thompson and McCain) who dared deny him their signatures during the CNN/YouTube “debate.”

For those who (wisely) skipped this debate, I’ll sum up what Gover’s referring to before I get to his response to it.  Norquist, via YouTube, asked the following question:

President Bush made a commitment when he ran for president in 2000 an 2004 that he would oppose and veto any tax increase that Congress sent him. My question to each of the candidates is: Would you promise to the people watching this right now, that you will oppose and veto any efforts to raise taxes as long as you’re president?”

Thompson responded by saying, “Cut — tax cuts for eight years when I was in the United States Senate. Never met a tax I liked. I’ve got a tax-cut bill on the table. But I don’t do pledges to anybody but the American people.”

McCain responded in kind, by basically saying he’d let his record speak for itself.

So, I get this email via Newsmax, asking me to send a message to Fred(!) and to McCain asking them to sign Norquist’s peice of paper.  According to Norquist, he asked “A simple question: Will you promise the American People you won’t raise their taxes?”  As I quoted above, that’s not quite what he said… but it’s close enough.  His video, though (linked above) is insulting.  He suggests that McCain and Thompson were “confused” in that they seemed to believe he was referring to an organization, rather than to the American people. 

Norquist, understand this: much as you and I have much to agree on, you do not speak for the American People.  Nor do I.  You’re not an elected representative of “The American People” and “The American People” asked nobody to sign a useless peice of paper as a token.  This is about one thing, and one thing only: Grover Norquist’s ego. 

Fred Thompson has a record of lowering taxes, of cutting spending and of denying tax hikes.  Not only that, but he has a plan to make permanent the cuts introduced by the Bush Administration and simplify the tax code, while cutting taxes for everybody.

But, evidently, for Norquist to take a man at his word, he requires that they sign a useless piece of paper.  It’s not a contract; it’s a symbol.  And it’s a symbol not worth the paper it’s printed on.  So why is this guy all hot and bothered?

Simply put, because Thompson and McCain bruised his ego.  They let him know, in no uncertain terms, that, not only does he not speak for the American People, but he’s not even all that particularly important.

Don’t get me wrong.  As I said, I’m all for tax reform, and I think Norquist and his group have some great ideas.  But to get as bent out of shape as Norquist appears to be, simply because two candidates have chosen to let their records to the talking on the subject of taxation, and to let their words be their bond the American People (and not to Grover Norquist) is as childish as it is telling.  And what it tells us is this:

Grover Norquist is not interested in action, or in real integrity.  He’s interested in symbolism.


3 Responses to “Note to Grover Norquist: Get Over Yourself”

  1. I actucally loved the way Fred answered that question. A fine moment for him in the debate. McCain simply piggybacked what Thompson said. But Kudo’s Thompson.

  2. I agree. Thompson hit that one out of the park. And pointed towards Norquist’s direction ala Babe Ruth.

  3. […] Norquist, as I mentioned here another time, also dislikes Thompson because of a slight on his ego.  Anyone sensing a […]

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