Sorry, Post… Fred’s right again.

Generally speaking, I like the New York Post.  However, like most New York publications — like most New Yorkers (I’m referring here to city-dwellers), they are decidedly geocentrist.  Like most Americans tend to believe they’re from the greatest country on earth, New Yorkers believe they are from the Single Best City on the planet. 

Now, I like the City.  I think it’s a nice place to visit.  And while I believe that, indeed, nearly every type of American is represented there (note: I did say “nearly”), living in part of the rest of the State that New York City calls home, I can say that they don’t even represent the entire state — let alone the entire country.  Even though they think they do.

What I’m referring to here is the New York Post’s recent column, taking issue with Fred(!) Thompson’s statement that “New York City is not emblematic of the rest of the country.”  That the writer took this statement as a “veiled insult” frankly serves to prove my point.  What?  Everyone’s not like us?  How dare you?!?!  Guess what?  Omaha is also not “emblematic of the rest of the country.”  And I doubt the fine people of Nebraska would take issue with me, Fred, Romney or even Giuliani suggesting that.

But it’s important to understand from whence this attitude comes.  In New York State, there is a limited belief in anything above, say, Syracuse as actually existing.  There’s also a tendency to pander to New York City.  What New York City wants, generally speaking, she gets — the rest of the state be damned.  Which is why we have a whole bunch of dumb, nanny-state laws created for the city, when in fact at least half this state is rural.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to rant, as much as it annoys me, about the fact that Albany pretty much treats anyone who doesn’t live in Albany or NYC like toothless idiots who need to be looked after.  So I won’t.  Really.

Look, the guy from the post makes some interesting points.  Somewhat.  But it should be taken in context.  The Post is pretty much firmly in Giuliani’s corner.  He’s a New Yorker, after all.  Thompson said something about Giuliani, and dared make the claim that not every American was a New Yorker at heart, and the Post felt like they had their toes stepped on. 

So, I don’t know, really, how Thompson could’ve softened the blow.  After all, when the declaration that you’re not just like everyone else is taken as an insult, it’s kinda hard to find the right eggshells to walk on.  But I’ll try.  New York is unique.  Always has been.  Always will be.  And God Bless ’em for it.  But “Unique” means “not like everyone else.”  That pretty much lines up with Thompson’s statement.  You can’t be both.  You can’t be both unique, and indicitive of the rest of the country.  The fact is, there is no one type of American.  There are many.  There is no one type of New Yorker.  City or State. 

And that’s okay.

Thompson’s point stands, though.  Giuliani can’t approach running the country the same as he would running New York.  For one thing, you can’t do that and be small government — which, fyi, is what a Republican is.  You can’t base your decisions for the entire country on a segment of the population.  Really, you shouldn’t run a state that way, either — but I promised not to get into it.  I said it before and I’ll say it again: we aren’t electing a mayor. 

And, as a registered Republican, I’m certainly not interested in putting up a  candidate (R) who has a record as liberal as Giuliani’s is.   


One Response to “Sorry, Post… Fred’s right again.”

  1. Good for Fred…and I’m from NY (Long Island, to be exact). Fortunately NYers aren’t solely responsible for electing the next president. Assuming Fred’s remarks are actually widely disseminated (holding breath), the majority of rest of the country would concur.

    Nassau County FredHead

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