Are you listening? Fred! Will. Not. Pander.

A lot of media people and a couple of special interest groups are not all that fond of Fred Thompson.  Fred’s most recent media smackdown, in which he informed a moderator that he would not be “doing any hand-shows today” surely did not endear him to the Des Moines Register.  Although, judging by the way she moderated the debate, I’d be willing to bet there are many on the School Marm’s staff who have links the the YouTube vid of this moment saved on their home favorites list.

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like Thompson because he’s reportedly asked him “six times” to come on the O’Reilly show.  Fred essentially responded by saying he was too busy (which pompous blowhard O’Reilly took to mean ‘lazy’).  Thompson instead invited O’Reilly to join him on the campain trail — at least 15 times.  O’Reilly got his revenge for this slight on his ego by subtracting Fred from his recent poll regarding GOP favorites.  Pretty infantile, Bill.  I mean that.

Grover Norquist, as I mentioned here another time, also dislikes Thompson because of a slight on his ego.  Anyone sensing a pattern?

And, of course, there’s the AP dog-and-pony show, wherein they ask the candidates stupid yearbook questions, instead of dealing with substance.  Thompson’s responses, while certainly not pleasing to the AP (that is, they wouldn’t have been had the AP gotten the joke) were sure-fire crowd-pleasers to those of us who understood where Thompson was coming from:
What’s your favorite jokePresidential debates.
What’s your favorite keepsakeTrophy wife.
What’s your favorite nickname?  Mr. President.
And, of course, there’s my new favorite poke in the eye:  What do you like to do on a ‘lazy day’?   Campaigning

 Note to Associated Press: we’re electing the Leader of the Free World — not choosing the next American Idol.  Thompson understands this, and gives these idiotic questions all the attention they deserve, while simultaneously taking some well-deserved shots back at the press.

Fred Thompson does not pander.  He doesn’t pander to special interest groups, and he doesn’t pander to the media.  Why?  Because the President is not beholden to lobbyists or reporters.  He is beholden to the American People.

Fred Thompson is a man who respects the Presidency.  He respects the job, and he respects the office.  He does things his way, and his way is to maintain the dignity of the White House, and of the United States.  People can complain that he doesn’t do things their way, and that’s all right.  But he’s not out there to please the pundits by jumping through particular hoops. 

Frankly, I can respect the opinion of somebody who has thoroughly gone through the white papers and policy recommendations of the candidates, gets to know them on the issues, and chooses not to vote for Fred.  I don’t agree with them, but I respect them.  I have no respect at all for people who refuse to vote for a man because he won’t demean the office of the Presidency by pandering.  You want pandering, go vote for a Democrat, or watch American Idol.  If you’re interesting in picking the best person for the job of President of the United States, brush up on policy, learn about the individuals.

Thompson is, and remains, a Conservative leader and, I humbly submit, the absolute best choice for President.



16 Responses to “Are you listening? Fred! Will. Not. Pander.”

  1. Well stated. It’s a punch right in the eye of the MSM. Good job.

    For a view of all five top tier candidates, from their own mouths and news links to their political histories, visit

  2. Sandy Cope Says:

    Fred has run a campaign that defies the MSM prescription!!! He is in the best position he can be in at this time. That has not happened by mistake. Rudy is pro-liberal everything-the voters have noticed. Mitt has flip-flopped numerous times- the voters have noticed. Huckabee is qualified for maybe “high school class president”- the voters are now noticing. McCain is pro-illegal immigration- the voters have noticed. The voters are noticing that Fred Thompson is the best and only choice for President of the United States of America.

  3. Right on! Go Fred! The media can’t stand Fred because he won’t bow to them. Not to mention the fact that his straight forward attitude helps him avoid controversy, and we know the media just wants controversy.

    I hope everybody has donated to Fred’s 2400 in 24 hours! If you haven’t you can do it through Fred08 dot com or through my website.

    Thompson ’08

  4. McCain is not ‘pro-illegal immigration’ That’s stupid to call him that. I think itl;s fair to say he realizes his mistake in handling the issue. He now says “Close the borders, then we’ll talk.” That’s appropriate. McCain is willing to admit a mistake, which is not what the oter guys will do. My issue is: How are ‘we’ (as in non-Democrats) goinf to win the white house? Chapter & Verse: Gimme the numbers. I think a McCain Thompson ticket in November will wipe the Dems off the map. NONE of the other candidates has a prayer in beating HilBama. They keep saying “Mitt;s great; Rudy’s great, Mike’s great” but they have NEVER shown how their boys can win. I know McCain has the numbers to beat either. If Thompson does, too, let’s get them together and take this thing.

  5. redneck hippie Says:

    Your blog is linked on

    Erick Erickson (!) loves it!

  6. […] “yearbook” questions, check out Fred’s responses. Hat tip to Erik at Redstate for independentthinking link: there’s the AP dog-and-pony show, wherein they ask the candidates stupid yearbook […]

  7. Outstanding! I cannot state this any better. Now, if we can just get Fred in front of a camera! He needs to go back on Leno. So far, that seems to be the only MSM guy that will ask him serious questions.

  8. BTW, I forgot to add that we linked to you for this post. More like this please!

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  10. Fred is so superior to the rest that there is no doubt in my mind he will win the nomination and election, no matter what the idiot Huckabee promises. I supported Fred from the very beginning. Today I called the local conservative radiostation TWICE and reached tens of thousands of people. I contrasted Fred with the rest of the field and both hosts agreed that he is the best, one unequivocably although complaining that Fred won’t come on her show, and the other while complaining about the usual “fire in the belly” stuff. Callers that followed praised Fred as well. There is a movement this week after his debate performance that will solidify him as the new front runner. Don’t believe the polls, fight liberalism, Fox News, and election by appearance. I think “Trophy First Lady” sounds nice!

  11. Fred Thompson Isn’t In Junior High School

    You’ve seen them before. They may have started in Junior High with someone asking you in a note passed through the classroom. They asked really serious questions such as, what is your favorite color? What is your favorite band?, might

  12. Sandy Cope Says:

    michaelschuyler- I cannot trust McCain as he has seemed to be the “maverick” republican that goes against the party positions not always in a good way. Fred has stated that McCain/Feingold turned out not as he thought it would. He admitted that it was a mistake. McCain has not done that to my knowledge. I wouldn’t have a problem with him as VP to Fred as Pres. Fred is strong on illegal immigration and would keep McCain in check particularly on that issue.

  13. […] Here is a pretty good one from the Society for Independent Thinking blog… —— Are you listening? Fred! Will. Not. Pander […]

  14. “Yearbook questions,” that’s right on. I like Thompson for many reasons, and his Rumsfeldian tolerance for idiot questions is one of them

    Good, concise post.

  15. […] from The Society of Independent Thinking A lot of media people and a couple of special interest groups are not all that fond of Fred […]

  16. Sandra Mendoza Says:

    The conservative blogosphere loves Fred.

    Fox News doesn’t. I emailed them and told them that they had lost my loyalty and that CNN winning over them on a Republican debate night showed they were losing voter loyalty. Then I read an identical post online.
    I think Fox News is “getting” it, and I will keep emailing them. The press does pay attention so calls or emails to newspapers, radio and TV stations, with sound facts and arguments. As a former small city editor, I know we can make a difference.

    My fear is that Fred isn’t sufficiently known outside the blogosphere. I suggested the campaign loop his best ads and videos on DVD and video and give them to friendly barbar shops, beauty salons and bars to play on occasion. This could also be done independently by Thompson supporters everywhere and shown to friends and family.

    because the NATIONAL PRIMARY HAS BEGUN. I’m in California and voting for Fred today via absentee ballot.

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