He’s not a Conservative

A while back I spoke about the U-tube debate, and gave Huckabee a hard time about not being a true Conservative.  Well, after that comment I took some flack from Huckabee supporters, who view him as a Jesus-like president (which seems way out there in left field), but I again wanted to point out to everyone out there who is planning on voting in this primary (As we all should) that Mike Huckabee is not a conservative.   

When it comes right down to it Huckabee isn’t a Conservative on taxes (He raised them in Arkansas) as he increased the size of his Government, and Huckabee isn’t a conservative on immigration, as he feels we need to address their “special situation” and help them in every way we can.  For those who would call Huckabee a Jesus-like compassionate conservative, let me say this: Christ loved, yes, but never told people to live in sin.  Huckabee accepts, then wants to offer a scholarship for their troubles.

On that train of thought, McCain is also not a conservative.  Sure he’s a war hero, but let’s not forget he came up with the Bill to grant amnesty for all the illegals living in this country — which would have cost something, and how would we pay for it?  Yes, in the end, bigger government and more taxes. 

Giuliani is so far to the left socially I’m sure he had to make a conscious decision to run as a liberal Republican instead of a Conservative Democrat. 

Now we do have Romney and He’s been a solid conservative for about the last 5 – 10 years; before that he was a baby-killing liberal. 

This leaves us with one candidate as the only Conservative in the pack, Fred Thompson (Yes I’m forgetting about Hunter, Tancredo, Paul and now the ever-enjoyable Alan Keys.  But lets face it these guys are Conservative and, well, insane).

Fred Thompson is sound on the social issues, he’s for strong family values, is pro-life, and now matter how much Dobson doesn’t understand it he’s against gay marriage, but just wants to send it to the states to take care of.  He’s strong on defense, wants to lower taxes, and shrink government.  He wants to send the illegal’s home, and build bigger fences to keep them there.  The people of Iowa are starting to realize that there really is only one choice, one Reagan-like candidate, one man among those running who can lead this country in the right direction.  Its time the rest of the country does as well. 



3 Responses to “He’s not a Conservative”

  1. rightwingdog Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly on Huckabee. This holy prince has a few questionable dealings under his belt as well.
    I disagree that Fred is the ONLY sane Conservative. I am disappointed in Fred in that he has not come out stronger in his beliefs and attacks against those who put him down. Paul is a wacko. Enough said. Tancredo is a one-trick pony and while enjoyable and defineitely a conservative and also as you say, Insane alan Keyes.
    I find nothing negative about Duncan Hunter and I only hope he may be picked up as a running mate. A great ticket would be Thompson and Hunter or vice versa.



  2. I agree about Hunter, as does the author. The only real problem with Hunter is his chances in the GE. I’d love a Thompson/Hunter ticket.

    I disagree on Thompson’s campaigning, though. I just don’t see his not doing things in a particular favored “way” as being a negative. He has come out pretty strongly, but he’s made it about issues, which is exactly where it needs to be.

    This stupid religion crap between Mitt and Huck has, frankly, no place in presidential politics, and Thompson’s wise to stay well above it.

  3. Julie Thompson Says:

    I’ve paid attention to Fred Thompson and thoroughly checked out his stances on votes and vetoes. He is in it for the country, the betterment of American’s rights. He has always stood for us, cleaned up the government playground as best as he could with what authority he had at that time. It’s all gain and nothing lost when he becomes our president. Less taxes, less governmental spending means more money in our pockets and more rights with what to do with that money. I can not find one single thing he has ever done or thought of wrongly.

    Our country is faltering today, our dollar is losing value, our reputation is being looked at and scrutinized by other nations, it looks bad and it’s getting worse, we’ve lost so many of our rights today. We’ve got to get it fixed and our constitution has the cure, we just need Fred as being the leader, we can follow him into American glory-You know that thing that we lost years ago and has been steadily declining? He’s our fix, giving power back to the states and the people of those states, and with that power “we” can fix this great country of ours –the horizon will have it’s brightness once again. I can not say that if anyone else gets that main seat–we could become chum for all the world sharks out there. Fred is the real deal! Check his standings on our issues in this land: http://www.fred08.com

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