What’s all this stuff about fire?

It’s difficult for a logical, critically-thinking person such as myself not to get annoyed when I hear the same tired, old criticisms of my Presidential candidate-of-choice passing out of the mainstream media and through the lips of people who used to consider that same media an enemy to convert — and not a source to parrot.  The main, ironically, is the long-since-disproven “lazy” charge — and its corrolary (and my pick for dumbest (sub)standardized and parrotted statement), “no fire in the belly.” 

I find the lazy charge ironic, because it is generally the thing that issues from the lips of those who, rather than look at what Thompson has been doing during this campaign (for example, as I mentioned before, writing policy rather than kissing babies, his current “flat-out” schedule in Iowa, etc.), have instead simply trotted out the old criticisms from other people.  And who’s the lazy one here?

But the one that really bugs me, especially from people who claim to be Republicans (a prerequisite for which is the belief that government is the problem — rarely the solution) is this idea that Fred Thompson doesn’t “want it” badly enough.  Never mind the fact that you’re pretty much going after a self-described “low-key” guy basically for not having his own Howard Dean moment (‘cuz that worked out).  Frankly, I remember with fondness the good old days in which lust for power was considered a bad thing among potential leaders.  It used to be that those of us who wanted the government to leave us the heck alone actually preferred leaders who were somewhat reluctant to accept the mantle — and then only because we told them they were needed.  It used to be that such a thing was considered nobility (actual nobility — the content of character, rather than the pedigree of blood).

But, in these days of the obsessively power-hungry Hillary Clinton, it seems we believe we can’t beat such blatant lust for power without someone willing to match it.  But I disagree.  I believe that, as the curtain draws tighter and tighter, those who lust for power begin to show their true colors.  People like Senator Clinton actually believe that we, the American people, owe this to her — and her frustration continues to become more apparant.  Contrast that, then, to a candidate who was drafted into race, and is running it because he believes in the values for which he stands — truly and earnestly.  A candidate whose motivation stems from limiting — not increasing — the power vested in the federal government.

I am voting for Fred Thompson precisely because he refuses to fit a mold — because he refuses to remake himself to suite somebody’s idea of what a candidate “should be.”  I’m voting for Thompson because the Fred(!) on the campaign trail today is the same guy who’ll be in the White House next January.  He represents my views on the stump, and I know without reservation that he’ll represent those views as President — because he has the record to prove it. 

I’m voting for Thompson because he doesn’t want power — he wants instead to put it back where it belongs: with the people.



4 Responses to “What’s all this stuff about fire?”

  1. You are right on. We always hear how there is no one good to vote for…well, Fred IS the only candidate worth voting for in this election. A man with strong commitment to making this country stronger for all the right reasons. Not a pander bear like the rest of the pack. Not someone who will say, do or give anything for the office….someone who is actually looking to ask what he can do for this country and not the reverse. If true conservatives fail to elect Fred Thomspson we have no one to blame but those who are MSM patsies buying into the lies of the media. True independant thinkers and true conservatives KNOW that Fred Thompson is not just the BEST choice, he is truly the ONLY choice.

  2. Best arguments I have heard for Mr. Thompson thus far. Well said.

  3. I like either Thompson or Huckabee…..living within 5 minutes of Arkansas, I’m aware of how good Huckabee was and I’d love to see a Thompson/Huckabee or Huckabee/Thompson ticket!

  4. Regina Draper Says:

    I agree with the author. Fred’s name should be on every true conservatives lips and in their hearts. We should be sailing through the Iowa caucus, but the MSM and their attitude towards Fred (perhaps a tinge scared?) leaves only the Fredheads and the Internet to work their wonders. Fred is the clear choice for me, standards, morals and the character of a man still mean something to me. They should to every American. Thanks Fred, I’m anxiously awaiting the day you can finally “raise your hand” when Chief Justice Roberts swears you in.

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