I think I scared the Clinton people…

As you may recall, Hillary Clinton recently inroduced (at the behest of John Edwards, though she won’t admit it) a minimum wage increase to $9.50/hour.

I won’t rehash my arguments against this idea.  Those may be found here and here.  But, as an update:  Several days ago, I posted a couple of these concerns over at Hillary’s blog page regarding this topic — or, rather, attempted to post these concerns.  Though, as usual, I’m always sure my posts are within protocol (friendly tone, not insulting or demeaning), for some reason this particular post was never accepted. 

I think I know why.  When you look at the posts that did make the page, you see that the Clinton Koolaid drinkers are simply incapable of dealing with actual information — and the Clinton camp is clearly afraid that such criticism may lead to confusion among the ranks.  That’s my take, anyway.  But then, I’ve been told I think far too highly of myself.

Maybe Hillary just doesn’t like being told she’s wrong.


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