The Red Truck Returns

It’s official.  Fred(!) Thompson is bringing back the Red Truck (albeit virtually). 

Knowing the Fred Thompson we’ve seen in the past couple weeks, I can’t help but wonder if this is a semi-subtle snark at the press.  It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Hey, remember when you guys counted me out back in ’94, and then this truck and I made you look like idiots?  Bet that stung.”

Actually, if he’s not saying it, can I?

What it should do, however, is remind Thompson’s supporters about the past.  Though we’re nervous about polls, Fred’s been here before.  And then he won over 60% of the vote.  The press has developed a habit of being wrong about Thompson.  With the help of his supporters, they will be this time, too.

If you haven’t done it, head over to and make a donation today.



One Response to “The Red Truck Returns”

  1. […] the Red Truck As you may recall, a couple days ago, I mentioned Fred’s virtual Red Truck.  Pro-Fred(!) bloggers are trying to get his tank filled so he can run his new ad in Iowa.  Fred […]

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