Iowa Caucus Incoming – Praying for a Thompson Surge

Love the Caucus system or hate it (personally, I’m not really a fan), the Iowa Caucus, coming tomorrow, still has some influence over the future of the Presidency of the US.  Which is why, even people who dislike the process will be keeping both eyes on Iowa — and many supporters of most candidates have contributed both dollars and time in an effort to woo Iowa voters.  And, you know, God bless ’em, but it is strange that a single, relatively sparsely populated state would have so much influence.  But, it is what it is.

I, personally, will be keeping a close eye on Iowa tomorrow — or as close as I can — through the various news outlets, etc.  It’s not that I’m keeping all my eggs in the Iowa basket — nobody should — but people who say Iowa is unimportant are kidding themselves.

The good news, going into this thing, is that Fred(!) Thompson is currently enjoying a polling surge.  Though polls are notoriously inaccurate (see Howard Dean/John Kerry Iowa polling from 2004), they can still be used as some kind of indicator of what’s going on.  And what’s going on seems to be (and many phone calls from Thompson supporters are bearing this out) that, as Thompson’s message gets out — as people actually meet the man and realize how very false most criticisms really are — voters are beginning to realize what a strong, conservative leader (yes, leader) we really have in Thompson.

And why is that important?  Put simply, it’s important because many people would have us believe that it’s enough simply for a guy with an (R) next to his name to win the White House.  That any Republican “victory” over the Dems is indeed a Republican victory.  Tooling around on the blogs, I’ve actually seen comments suggesting that (to paraphrase), “sure, Candidate S0-and-So is soft on immigration, is likely to raise taxes and increase the size of government — but hey, he can beat Hillary!”  Well… I don’t particularly want to compromise on the things I believe in. 

I’ve said before that there’s no such thing as the perfect candidate — and I mean it as much now as I did then.  The only candidate who’s going to echo your beliefs perfectly is you.  And unless you’re running, you don’t get to vote for that guy.  But you can find the candidate whose views most strongly match your own — whose principles echo yours most accurately. 

That’s why the Primaries are so important to me this year.  Why Iowa is important.  I don’t want to hold my nose when I vote.  I don’t want to vote for “the lesser of two evils.”  I want to vote for a candidate I believe in — and who I believe will work to ensure those principles I value — national security, individual liberty, state’s rights, the right to life, the power of the free market — values written into the Constitution, not as an experiment, or simply as a good idea, but as extensions of that liberty granted not by government, but by God Himself.

I’m voting for Fred Thompson because these are also his values.   They always have been — and I know that in Thompson we who value liberty and security will have an ally in the White House.

So, yeah, I’ll be watching Iowa.  I’ll be watching New Hampshire.  I’m praying for Fred Thompson, and for the voters who have a say in whether I’ll get to vote for my candidate come Super Tuesday.  I’m praying for a surge, and I’m praying for a win.  Most of all, I’m praying for unity.


Tune in tomorrow night (Thursday, Jan 3), when I’ll begin posting my thoughts on the events in Iowa as soon as I’m able to start fielding information.


2 Responses to “Iowa Caucus Incoming – Praying for a Thompson Surge”

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