8:26pm — less than 1% of Dems … AP’s John Whitesides tells why pre-polling Iowa is worthless

As of right now, John Edwards beats both Clinton and Obama in the Dem caucuses with 42%.  Don’t get too excited, though, Edwards fans:  Less than 1% of the precincts reporting.

 Finally, someone in the media explains why the pre-polling in Iowa is practically worthless (well… he says “difficult” — you read your way, I’ll read mine).   According to John Whitesides, “Polling in Iowa is notoriously difficult given the unpredictability of who attends a caucus, the arcane rules and the low rates of participation — fewer than 250,000 of the state’s almost 3 million residents are likely to vote.”  Good info to remember.

 No news of the Republican caucuses yet.


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