9:07pm — 25% of votes cast. Huck declared winner.

The mainstream media is projecting Huckabee as the winner in Iowa, with only 25% of the votes cast.  Granted, the sad fact is, they’re probably right on this one.  However, I do think it premature to call anyone “the winner” at this point.  You’d think they’d have learned from fiascos past. 

I don’t get it.  I like Mike.  I do.  I just think that the winner of the Republican primary ought to be, you know, a Republican.  Supporters can say what they will… but the man has a lousy tax record, a poor record on immigration, frightening stances on foreign policy — where his opinion on foreign affairs isn’t overshadowed by his even more frightening ignorance of them. 

I’m not ready to tap out just yet, though.  And the fact remians, third place may well be good enough.  If anything, hopefully, it will focus the Thompson campaign a bit more toward the goal.  Better yet, it will hopefully take peoples’ eyes off the false reporting done by the MSM and help to showcase Thompson himself.


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