Bloomberg For “Guy Not Running for President”

So, as I sit here at work waiting for some entrance poll results to come in from Iowa (whose caucuses I become less and less convinced are actually worth all this effort by the news media and yours truly), I’m going through various other news stories for the day.  Yeah, I know — tough job, I have. 

So, as I scour the various news sources, this little gem caught my attention:  Michael Bloomberg appeared on “The Today Show” today to officially announce his non-candidacy for President of the United States. 

Not even The Onion can make this stuff up.  Guess the AP was bored, too.


One Response to “Bloomberg For “Guy Not Running for President””

  1. Bloomberg can best be described as faux…

    Faux New Yorker

    Faux Environmentalist

    Faux Independent

    Faux Non-sexist & the Un-bigot

    Faux Everyman

    Faux self-confidence of ever getting elected as a person living in sin with a religion other protestant who is against Gun Ownership….

    These Quasi-aspirations displays a real faux sense of the reality on the ground…

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