Iowa Caucus Post-Mortem — 10:09pm

At this moment, the Republican fat lady hasn’t sung — but she’s warming up.  It’s now clear that Huck will take home the greatest win from Iowa today, with Romney in second and Thompson at a third that I find strangely more distant than I was honestly expecting.

I’m annoyed by this for a couple reasons.  First, Huckabee just isn’t a conservative.  I’ve said it… many, many people have said it.  He’s pro-gun and anti-abortion.  Those may be the only two honestly conservative issues he has, though.  I don’t count the gay marriage thing — I honestly believe that the federal government has no business in marriage at all — and I think a truly conservative person would agree with that statement.  But the key is to know and understand what it means to be a conservative. 

First and foremost, a Conservative treats the Constitution of the US as a nearly sacred document.  It can be added to — but never denied.  The overall gist of the Constitution is small government.  There is not a single Big Government solution in Huck’s positions (whether it’s on education — his NEA endorsement should have spoken volumes to Republicans — on health, on his tax record or on immigration) that meshes with the Constitutional view of government.

A conservative Republican understands that first among the Federal government’s priorities is the defense of this nation from threats of others.  This means the President of this country ought to have some idea of what’s going on in the world.  Huck’s foreign policy understanding is, frankly, laughable.

Now, I don’t want to get down on Huckabee just because he happened to win in Iowa.  This isn’t sour grapes.  In truth, I’ve been wanting to avoid running hit pieces on other candidates.  Unfortunately, I have to say, if I end up voting for Huckabee in the general election, it will be with a heavy heart and grave reservations.  My thought process come November will very likely be (and expect to hear a repeat of this in November, should the Huckster come out ultimately on top), “well, if I have to have a liberal in the White House, I might as well get one that’s pro-gun and anti-abortion.”

The real irritation for me here is how irresponsible many evangelicals seem in their reasoning on Huck.  He’s a baptist minister.  So?  I’m an Evangelical Christian myself.  As such, I love Huck.  I think he’s probably a pretty honest guy.  Couldn’t tell you for certain — I don’t know him personally.  I just — based on his record and positions — don’t think he ought to be president.  I also remember with fondness back when being an “evangelical” meant actually evangelizing — as opposed to simply denying gay marriage rights to the detriment of national security, personal liberty and economic freedom. 

The idiotic reasoning behind much of the Evangelical swing to the Huckster is evident in the “not Romney” segment of the vote.  There are really people who don’t want Romney just because he’s a Mormon?  What are they; nine?  That’s like saying, “I don’t sit by him — he talks funny.”

Of course, the other irritation is that the media force-fed people, for the last couple months, that the only choice here was, in fact, between Romney and Huckabee.  And many of these people swallowed it whole. 

Okay.  Enough ranting.  On to business.

Iowa is important.  I said it before and I meant it.  But it’s the beginning.  There are still 49 other states.  New Hampshire is coming up.  Thompson’s campaign — and his supporters — have much work to do.  But it can be done.   What Iowa has shown is that, yes, there are considerable odds.  Thompson people must do what the MSM has by and large refused to let us do: Get Fred(!)’s message out.  Thompson’s strategy can work, and I believe it is working.  But we are playing catch-up here.

I believe Fred’s going to be stepping things up another notch in the hours and days to come.  And I believe his supporters will (and need to) be doing the same.

Oh.  And Obama won on the Dem side.  Whatever.


3 Responses to “Iowa Caucus Post-Mortem — 10:09pm”

  1. Updated List of Fred Thompson Supporters

    Figured an update was in order for the list of bloggers and politico’s endorsing Fred Thompson for President:Bill at 10ksnooker, Absolute Moral Authority, Darrell of Alpha Patriot, Mike at AmeriCAN-DO Attitude, Kristopher at An Idiot’s Blog, Kate at …

  2. A great analysis of Iowa. It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward. My eyes are on Ron Paul because, while he may be unelectable, if his supporters can jump on Fred Thompson as a viable and electable candidate, it would be a huge shot in the arm for the campaign. The zealotry of the Paul supporters could really help push Fred as the true conservative and federalist candidate of the bunch.

    I just hope Paul doesn’t linger too long and pull votes away. If Fred can outlive Ron Paul, I think the tides will really change fast.

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