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Four Hours Later

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Today sat and watched 4 hours of Republican debates, right around 2 hours from ABC/face book, and a 2 hour debate from For News.  On a positive note there were no gay x-military Hilary Clinton supporters asking the candidates questions.  The candidates were also give time to actually answer a number of the questions given.  On those questions Fred answered thoughtfully and completely.  Now for the negative side of things, it seems both ABC and Fox were basically only interested in getting Huckabee and McCain to attack Mitt and Visa Versa.  It seemed hugely apparent tonight on fox, as those three would be brought into an argument over a given topic, Then both Rudy and Fred were asked if they had anything to add.

On another note after these Debates I’m worried more then ever; if these are the top 5 Republican leaders we have to offer what is the state of the Republican Party.  Isn’t the Republican Party the party of Conservatives?  As far as I can tell there are only 1 ½ Conservatives running.

Fred Thompson – The very definition of a Regan Conservative, I’m truly baffled, as he is exactly what the Republican Party has been saying they wanted for the past year, yet we can’t seem to get behind him not that it counts.

Mitt Romney – Other then his stance on Health Care (Which is debatable) Mitt seems pretty conservative.  Unfortunately he has only had some of these beliefs for the last few years?  What would we get in the White House I’m still not sure?  So I give him a mark of ½ Conservative.

After these 2, the argument can no longer be made who is more conservative, but who is less liberal?  To be honest I’m not sure.

Huckabee – Weak on Immigration, weak on taxes and weak on spending.  Not to mention Weak on healthcare, weak on foreign affairs.  All he really has going for him is he’s strong on social issues, and he uses the name Regan a lot when he talks. 

McCain – Hugely weak on immigration, and opposed Bush Tax Cuts.  He’s strong of Foreign affairs and Spending, but is pretty non-existent when it comes to social issues.

Giuliani – Hugely weak on Social issues and immigration (lets face it he cleaned up New York but made in a sanctuary city).  Sure he’s good with taxes, spending, and ok on healthcare, but if it wasn’t for Sept 11, would most of the country even know who he was?

As far as Hunter and Paul go, Duncan Hunter was not invited to either debate, and Ron Paul only the first one.  Both should consider dropping out sooner rather then later, but we will talk about that more tomorrow.



A Missed Opportunity That Will Be Remedied: Ask Hillary

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I’ve not been to Hillary’s website recently — being a bit focused on my own candidate, plus the rest of my life.  Partially, I think, the apathy that snuck in on me regarding Hill’s health plan is the fact that, no matter how I ask the question, the koolaid drinkers just seem not to get it.  And nobody’s answered the damn question. 

Well, as it turns out, as I spent time doing my own thing during the first New Hampshire debate (Facebook/ABC), Hillary opened up “Ask Hillary” and invited people to submit questions to be anwered within the next few days.  The perfect opportunity to finally get an answer to the mandate question — straight from the horse’s mouth?  Just maybe. 

Well… it turns out the opportunity still exists.  Therefore, the question will be asked again: Why an Individual Mandate?  If she deigns to answer this time around, you’ll be the first to know.  Trust me.  While I’m at it, Maybe I should ask Romney.  He seems to like them, too.