A Missed Opportunity That Will Be Remedied: Ask Hillary


I’ve not been to Hillary’s website recently — being a bit focused on my own candidate, plus the rest of my life.  Partially, I think, the apathy that snuck in on me regarding Hill’s health plan is the fact that, no matter how I ask the question, the koolaid drinkers just seem not to get it.  And nobody’s answered the damn question. 

Well, as it turns out, as I spent time doing my own thing during the first New Hampshire debate (Facebook/ABC), Hillary opened up “Ask Hillary” and invited people to submit questions to be anwered within the next few days.  The perfect opportunity to finally get an answer to the mandate question — straight from the horse’s mouth?  Just maybe. 

Well… it turns out the opportunity still exists.  Therefore, the question will be asked again: Why an Individual Mandate?  If she deigns to answer this time around, you’ll be the first to know.  Trust me.  While I’m at it, Maybe I should ask Romney.  He seems to like them, too.



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