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Hillary 2008 — ‘cuz, uh, she’s a woman, and stuff

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It’s almost becoming not worth it to go to Hillary’s web site in search for answers on health care.  Not only do I specifically not get any answers (let’s be honest — should I really expect any?), but I have to sift through the koolaid drinker commentary.  Seriously, if I read “You Go Girl” one more time, I may slip into a sugar coma from an overdose of 40-something-white-girl psuedo-hipness. 

Honestly, do we want a president to whom the phrase “You Go Girl” can be uttered with a straight face?  (Of course, answering ‘no’ to this question also precludes John Edwards from a POTUS win.)  If we ever do elect a woman as president (a prospect I’m not at all uncomfortable with), I hope she at least has strength of character enough to say, “please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t call the Commander-in-Chief of the United States ‘Girl.'”

I would shudder to think of this within a foreign policy context, but to be honest, I doubt a President Hillary would ever have the cojones to have a “You Go Girl” moment in the World Theater.

Reading through the mindless tripe that is the Clinton Blog comment section, though, is rather illuminating.  It appears there’s an astounding number of people who would vote for Hitler, were he a woman, just for the high and lofty purpose of Making History. 

But, you know, it would almost have to be that reason.  People aren’t nearly gullible enough to believe that Clinton’s 8 years as First Lady qualifies as “experience,” right?  They’ve almost got to understand what a load of crap that is, don’t they?  I mean, they refuse to release her papers from those eight years, so that the only political “experience” we know about was a dismal failure (Hillarycare V.1.0).  Not only that, but it appears it may not have been her baby, after all.   Well, that, or the plan failed so horribly that she no longer wants to attach her name to it.  Which, since you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, means that Hillary has exactly no experience in the administration.  It’s called ‘math,’ kids.

I’m all for voting for a woman, should she be qualified.  But not a power-hungry woman who would do or say anything to gain the Presidency.  God only knows what such a person would do with it. 



I’m Baffled

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MSNBC just called McCain the winner in with 12% of the vote in? 12 %