Can Thompson Rally the Party — and more importantly, the Country?

Last night’s debate was a revelation to many people who have just started paying attention to this race to the White House.  After months and weeks and days of being told by the MSM that Fred(!) Thompson barely existed on the Presidential Radar, that he had “no fire in the belly,” and that his campaign was all but over, his performance last night made people sit up, take notice and, I’d imagine, ask the question “hey, what the hell have you media guys been talking about?”

The debates up to now have been, for the most part, lackluster for every candidate — the “winner” mostly undetermined, and certainly not agreed upon on any mass level.  Largely, it came down to who people already supported (or sort of supported) or else who’s performance was the least mediocre.  Though Fred won a few of these debates, it wasn’t, for the most part, the inspiring performance his supporters knew was in the offing.

Last night, Thompson became the first in this race to offer a clear, commanding and decisive win — a win reflective of, and worthy of, the man himself.  And people noticed.  Last night, when it counted, America saw the leader they could have in Fred Thompson.  A strong voice for common sense, conservatism and pride in our country.

Can Fred Thompson unite this divided nation?  I say he can — and I say he will, given the opportunity.  When he speaks from the heart (which always passes through his brain on the way out), Thompson has the uncanny knack to provide something long-missing in much of America: Pride.  Thompson, like Reagan did before him, makes us feel good about being Americans.  And I think Americans are tired of being told half-truths and outright lies designed to make our country look bad. 

Is Thompson Reagan?  No.  Hell, not even Ronald Reagan was “Ronald Reagan.”  In the way of all legends, the myth of Reaganism, grounded as it is in Truth, is bigger than any man could ever be — including the Gipper himself.

I think America is tired of being dragged down by those who want to see us fail.  I think we’re ready to feel proud to be Americans.  We’re ready for a rallying point — And I believe that rallying point is Fred Thompson.



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