Proud and Sad

Yesterday I voted.  Apparently less then 20 percent of the population in Michigan did, and that saddens me this evening.  I know a lot of people would credit that to the fact that only Hilary and Kucinich appeared on the Democratic ticket, yet 236,234 Democrats voted undecided, not to mention the large number of Dems who voted for John McCain.  But that’s another story.

Tonight I find myself in an odd situation, Proud to be an American yet saddened by the apathy of Americans.  For example a good friend of mine claims to be a conservative, has been talking a good Fred Thompson talk, he had the opportunity to go vote, yet chose not to because he didn’t think Fred had a chance in Michigan.  Now its true Fred hasn’t been polling well in MI, but how many other Fred Thompson supporters did the same thing; 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000?  Who knows?

Somewhere around 230 years ago are forefathers risked there lives to give us a free nation where we had the opportunity to elect our leaders.  Brave men went to war time and time again risking and often giving there lives so that we may live in this great Representative Republic.

I believe hands down I have picked the right candidate.  And I will debate that issue with you all day.  Yet if you have put some thought into who you are voting for done your research and go cast your vote, I can and do respect that.  If you are truly unable to vote perhaps a lack of transportation, or child care, I can respect that.  If you truly have not made a decision, I would encourage you to vote undecided, but I can respect that.  If you are part of the 75% of Michiganders who didn’t vote because they just didn’t feel like it, that makes me sad.

 As I stated earlier, I voted yesterday.  I drove, I waited, I cast my vote for a candidate who every poll said didn’t have a chance.  I know the final results and I would do it again tomorrow because it is my dury and my right as an American.

That being said, Congrats tonight to Mitt Romney, Conservatism (although slightly skewed) won out in the very liberal state of MI.  Also thank you to the 20% of Michiganders who pulled away from apathy to get out and vote yesterday.  And a special thanks to the 2,820 men and women who let there voices be heard tonight by voting for Duncan Hunter, You knew he has no chance in this state, and no chance in this election, but you liked what he stood for, went out and told the country.



2 Responses to “Proud and Sad”

  1. Meh. I know what you mean. But to me, the fewer people pollute the process, the better. And by pollute the process, I’m referring to democrats and independents who would vote on the Republican ballots to screw up the elections (as has happened).

  2. Well it still happened with a number of voters, How else can you explain McCain

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