In the Other Hand

We’ve all heard the saying: Hope in one hand, shit in the other, and see which fills up fastest.  It seems, for Obama at least, that the Hope hand fills up quite quickly indeed.  His infinity of empty platitudes has wooed voters, it seems, to the point of even fainting at his mere presence. 

Obama has an asset here that’s winning people where actual strategy and ideas have failed him: he’s charasmatic as hell.  Obama has a way of speaking that reassures and convinces some voters — they may not be sure of what it is, exactly, that they’re convinced about, but they are convinced of Obama himself.  As long as they don’t think too long or hard about it.  Somebody made the connection to Jim Jones here — interesting thought.

 Obama offers these people “Hope” and “Change.”  But these things, where they are clearly defined at all, just aren’t that inspiring.  Fortunately for Obama, nobody’s really listening to the quality of what he says, but to his method of delivery, which is outstanding.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton recently accused Obama of plagiarism for echoing remarks made by Mass. Governor Deval Patrick.  I say this is interesting, largely because I always find Hillary Clinton making accusations against somebody else’s integrity to be both ironic and amusing.  Neither here nor there.  What’s also interesting though, is that the plagiarism in question was in response to this very accusation of speech without substance.  Obama claims that word’s aren’t unimportant, and cites examples (the same examples used by his buddy Patrick):  “I have a Dream,” “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” etc.  Of course, these particular “Just words” were followed up by decisive and useful action.  Action in which Americans took responsibility to get things done, rather than demanding reiance on the goverment.  Indeed, Obama pisses on the intentions of the Founding Fathers when he quotes them to advance his own socialist ideals.

Obama’s Inspiration, where it exists, is one of mediocrity: the American Dream is real, and it’s for you — all you have to do is let the government pave the way.  Gone is the struggle for excellence, for real gain, for character and integrity.  Gone is the expectation that you get where you’re going by God and by strength of will. 

Clearly, in the subtext of the Obama newspeak, you’re too stupid to get there on your own, but never fear, Government is here to present to you the American Dream, and on a silver platter, all expenses paid by the wealthier Americans.  Americans, by the way, who either followed the American Dream with their own skills and talents, or are the offspring of those who did.

This is what passes for inspiration?  This is hope?  This is “Change”?  The person who writes the poem is not the muse, but the poet.  “Inspiration” does not come in running the race and handing off the medal, but in cheering on the competitors.

Unlike the Great Communicator, or even, I’ll admit, JFK, Barack Obama doesn’t make people feel proud to be Americans.  He makes them feel better about their own mediocrity.  And sadly, in a nation as far gone down the toilet of entitlement as ours is, that is a powerful skill indeed.

The power of hope is a salve to the stupid.  And it is the handful of hope that Obama wants the voters to focus on.  It must be the hope.  Because in the other hand is nothing but shit.


2 Responses to “In the Other Hand”

  1. True hope doesn’t involve sitting around and shitting in your hands, for what it’s worth. (Not much, where Obama is concerned.) But truly hopeful hands are also full of action; remember that.

  2. r2streu Says:

    Okay… that was random.

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