Superdelegates, TRANSFORM!

The fate of the Dem. party is in the hands of the 796 SuperDelegates.  These individuals are presumably so-named because, as elected politicians, they are just better and smarter than the Democrat voters en masse.

 Actually, I’d probably agree that they’re at least smarter.  When power-hungry elitists manage to manipulate about half the population of an entire country into believing that a few suits, most of whom have never actually even seen a hammer, know how to run your life better than you do, I think that certainly does say something about the relative intelligences of the two groups.

And as if that didn’t prove their point, you have also the simple fact that there exists a group of people called “Superdelegates,” which pretty much in and of itself should tell an intelligent voter, “psst… we think we’re smarter than you” — and those Dem voters who even notice, are by and large just nodding along.

Of course, what I find extremely amusing is that, though this elitist Superdelegate attitude is being espoused and encouraged by Hillary Clinton because she thinks that people who “know best” will vote for her — they are, in fact, turning more and more over to Barack Hussein Obama.

Not that BO doesn’t scare me a great deal, but you have to appreciate the subtle irony.



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