A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


A most-emailed photo from Yahoo! News.  This had to be a great day for this photographer.  You know, until she found out and sucked out her soul.



4 Responses to “A Picture Worth A Thousand Words”

  1. andrewfetter Says:

    I damn near pissed myself, don’t ever do that to me again.

  2. r2streu Says:

    Was it the funny or the scary that got to your bladder? ‘cuz, dammit, if you don’t see her coming, that is one scary pic.

  3. andrewfetter Says:

    Both, really. The scary was more so from the pic, and the funny was more so from your commentary on it, but both had a bit of each, I would say.

  4. Christine Says:

    HA!!! I am passing this on!!! Miss you—-much love from your fellow Streu’s

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