… And With That, Political Correctness Takes its Final Nosedive Into Absurdity

The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that an Obama delegate and Carpentersville Village Trustee has resigned her delegate nomination and will not be seeking reelection as trustee after a perceived slur made by her to some kids in a tree.

What happened, in essence, is that Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski went outside Saturday and spotted two children — black children (this is important) — in a tree.  She says she “told the children to quit playing in the tree like monkeys.”  The mother of one kid was offended because her black kid was likened to monkeys (I liken my own white children to monkeys on a near-daily basis, in much the same way as the Trustee did here) and created something of a scene. 

If this was where the story ended, it may still be considered absurd, but not necessarily unheard-of.  Obama’s own books reveal him to be mellodramatically sensitive about race issues.  And, let’s face it, if more libs would resign their posts because they may have said something that may have offended some people, no matter how innocuous in intent, the word would be a better place.  No, another moronic lib quitting because she hurt somebody’s feelings isn’t the issue here.  Well… isn’t the main issue.

What strikes me as very odd is that the police were involved.  Not only involved, but they issued Ramirez-Sliwinski a $75 citation for disorderly conduct, because evidently somebody was “alarmed or disturbed.”  That’s it.  Evidently, if your words hurt, the law gets involved, out Illinois way.

Look, anybody who does not see this as a travesty of human rights is either an idiot or a resident of Hollywood (but I repeat myself).  I don’t care what planet you’re from, telling a couple kids to get out of a tree so they don’t get hurt simply isn’t a crime.  Whether you call them “monkeys,” or “scamps,” or even “twerps. ” “Ankle-biters” should get you arrested, maybe. 

Neither Obama nor the Board of Trustees should be accepting this woman’s resignation.  If these libs were truly the defender of the common man, as they’d have us believe, they should be out there fighting for this woman’s right to free speech.  Where’s the ACLU in all this, I wonder?  Is this not the sort of thing they were formed to stop from happening?

I realize, for those who think that, perhaps, I’m being a bit dramatic myself, that we’re basically talking about a $75 fine here.  But she’s being fined, not for something she did, but something she said — and more importantly, a person’s perception of what she said.

Can a country that acts in such a manner still call herself free?  I wonder.



3 Responses to “… And With That, Political Correctness Takes its Final Nosedive Into Absurdity”

  1. Granted, this situation is adsurd. But I don’t think Obama nor the Board of Trustees have any right to not accept this woman’s resignation. It’s her choice after all. Should someone have demanded she resign, or demanded she not resign, you probably would see groups like the ACLU perking up.

    I’d have to assume that when one decides to lead a political life, one has to hold themselves to higher standards. Affairs happen in our society, but its a headline-making sex scandal when a politician is involved. The political arena has a different set of rules than does our normal day life.

    That being said, this is still an absurd story.

  2. I basically agree with you on your main point, Nicholas. My point is that there should be a fight here… and I find it disturbing that there isn’t one.

  3. This PC stuff is getting ridiculous. White kids are called monkeys all the time. I call my nieces that on a semi regular basis. To many in this country seem to be looking for ways to be insulted/offended and it makes me sick. Just about anything anybody ever says anymore can be twisted and/or taken out of context and can create a scene. There are times where it may be a legit complaint, but this simply wasn’t one of them. Some need to learn to just suck it up and move on. If our country keeps heading in this direction we’re in trouble. We do need change, but I’ve yet to see a candidate that really offers it. At least in a manor that would be good for the country.

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