Alan Keyes Leaves GOP; Nobody Shocked

I think at this point, pol watchers have been waiting for Alan Keyes to make his departure from the GOP — especially given the presumptive nomination of John McCain as Republican POTUS candidate. 

Keyes disagrees with McCain — and many other Republican leaders, including President Bush — on the issue of border security.  And, he says, it was this that prompted his departure from the party.  Keyes may be headed for the Constitution Party.

Keyes announced his departure during a speech in PA, saying, “The Republican Party has come to a dark and confused place.” 

Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer extended an invitation, which Keyes is considering.

Really, it may be a good fit.  The Constitution Party needs some higher-echelon conservatives to begin the migration, and it will be interesting to see, in the coming months, whether Keyes will start a mass rightward shift of Conservatives out of the GOP, or whether Republicans will stick it out and give McCain the chance to prove himself.

The Constitution Party nominates their candidate for POTUS this weekend, and it will be interesting to see, especially during this time of strife within the Republican Party, what happens.  If the Constitution Party selects a contender this election, I believe there may indeed be a shift.

For me, however, though I have considered seriously the prospect of rescinding my GOP membership in favor of the Constition Party, I am also tempted to give John McCain a chance to prove himself to the Conservatives.  Though I am tired of the two-party system and would love to see a mass movement toward a Conservative stronghold like the Constitution Party, I do wonder if this is the time to shake things up — or if the alternatives to McCain are really dangerous enough force the compromise.  This isn’t my dilemma alone; many Conservatives are wondering whether the Reagan movement is on its way out of the Republican Party. 

Pols like Governor Daniel telling Conservatives to “let Reagan go” doesn’t help this feeling of displacement.

Sadly, I don’t have any solutions for Conservatives today.  I don’t know whether we should rally behind McCain, or look for a home elsewhere.  I know what my gut says — and I know what my brain says in response.  I do believe that, if the Republican Party continues to leave behind Conservative values, it will ultimately be time for a mass migration — perhaps to the Constitution Party.  And I believe that, not only will this send a strong message, but will also create a new, strong Party behind which Americans everywhere can stand. 

I just don’t know if now’s the right time.


3 Responses to “Alan Keyes Leaves GOP; Nobody Shocked”

  1. I feel the same exact way my friend.

    The only reason I have not left the GOP yet is for our local politics here in NC. While we normally vote GOP in the presidential election, we are a highly Democrat state for local and state politics. Even now, with only a few real possibilities at the local level, I am still torn to venture out to The Constitution Party. If Chuck Baldwin is the nominee, I just might.

  2. I’m an Independent who usually votes Republican because of the Conservative values. The party seems to keep moving farther and farther from those values and that’s troubling to me. When Fred Thompson left the race I lost the one man I could feel good voting for. I’ve considered looking harder into the other parties that get little to no play and pray that at least one of them gets some movement in the not too distant future. Either that, or the Republican party has to move back towards the Conservatives. Either way, the times ahead of us will be interesting. The bad thing about a large exudus to another party is that we may get stuck with a Clinton or Obama and that is probably worse than a McCain at this point in history.

  3. I agree. To both of you: take heart. We may still move this country in the right direction.

    Next post is not my idea; but it is a good one. Hopefully, we can send John McCain — and the Republican Party — the message that needs to be understood: that Conservatism isn’t going away. It’s the best hope for this country.

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