Finally! McCain Calls Out Dems On Social Justice

Conservative bloggers and some commentators have for years taken issue with the Democrats’ claim to corner the market on Social Justice issues.  That millions of Americans are taken in by the Left’s claims of “compassion” through entitlement and affirmative action programs (when such things are in fact themselves the height of elitist racism) has been something of a sore spot — with me personally — for far too long.

The problem has been, though bloggers and some commentators have cried foul on this, without politicians coming at this from positions of influence, it simply hasn’t been heard.  But on Sunday, a voice of reason was finally heard — and from a sadly unlikely source:  Senator John McCain.

This, after Senator Obama decried McCain’s plan to eliminate the gas tax during the summer months.

“I noticed again today that Sen. Obama repeated his opposition to giving low-income Americans a tax break, a little bit of relief so they can travel a little further and a little longer, and maybe have a little bit of money left over to enjoy some other things in their lives,” McCain said. “Obviously Sen. Obama does not understand that this would be a nice thing for Americans, and the special interests should not be dictating this policy.”

With this statement from McCain comes a collective sigh of relief from the Conservative base.  Not only has a politician finally taken on the Left in terms of social morality (on their own “turf,” in other words), but it was nice to see McCain turn his ire toward a Democrat instead of a fellow Republican.

I would have hoped to see any GOP nominee take this same route, and it pleases me greatly that McCain did.  It shows the kind of leadership the Conservatives have been wanting to see — and we can only hope this trend (he’s also decided recently that the NC GOP ad he denounced earlier was not such a horrible thing after all) continues.

In that spirit, my McCain window decals, when they arrive, will be applied right-side-up.  But they’re easy-peel, John.  The Hinz movement stands ready for correction should the need arise.

(Thanks to Gamecock at Redstate for pointing out this story.)


3 Responses to “Finally! McCain Calls Out Dems On Social Justice”

  1. I’m not so sure I’d be ready to put the McCain sticker right side up at this point though. Yes, he may be making a couple of steps in the proper direction but he’s done that before only to turn around and march right back towards the left. Personally, I need more than what he’s shown at this point.

  2. gamecock Says:

    thanks guy and great website

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