Get Active: 10-yr-old Suspended for Shell Casing

A Fourth-grader at Toy Town Elementary School in Winchendon, MA was suspended for five days for showing his friends an empty shell casing to some friends at lunch.  According to the NRA-ILA, Bradley Geslak had been given the casing — from a blank fired during Memorial Day — by a US veteren.  He was given two, one of which he gave to his grandfather, also a veteren.

He was showing his souvenier off to some friends during lunch when a teacher confiscated the casing and called the boy’s mother to take him home.  He’s also been told he won’t be getting the very dangerous shell casing back.

This is getting beyond the point of ridiculous, and it is time for citizens who care about freedom to step up to the plate.  So frightened of another Columbine situation are school officials that children are being suspended for even drawing pictures of guns.  Schools are overreacting, and creating new problems — and worse, these naive and idiotic new rules provide a false sense of security.  Keeping a kid from drawing a picture, or bringing empty shell casings to school, will not prevent another Columbine.   All it does is punish good kids.

It’s time to tell school officials that there are appropriate ways to safegaurd the safety of students, and that punishing them for innocent and harmless acts aren’t among them.  Rather, this sort of response is a copout to the real work that needs to be done.  Instead, they could actually do their jobs: educate teachers, parents and counselors on recognizing warning signs, be on the watch for actual weapons entering the premises and work with local police to provide an armed safety officer during the school day.

We who love liberty cannot any longer stand quietly by and let things like this happen.  Freedom, no matter where, is everybody’s business.

Let Winchendon Public Schools know how you feel about their punishing a young boy for nothing.  The school needs to give this student a public apology, and expunge this incident from his record.  And, if they have it, they need to return the boy’s property.  Tell them about the appropriate ways to keep their schools safe.  It only takes five minutes to draft and send an email — even less time to leave a voice mail.

To email Superintendent Brooke Clenchy:
To leave a voicemail:  978-297-0031

There is no change without action.



4 Responses to “Get Active: 10-yr-old Suspended for Shell Casing”

  1. Pete MacMahon Says:

    I just emailed the Superintendent voicing my outrage. Do you know if the Geslak’s are taking any legal action? I would love to send them sup bucks to show my support!

    // Pete

  2. r2streu Says:

    Pete: I’ve been riding the local papers out that way to see if there’s any legal action pending — as of right now, I haven’t seen anything. If there is, or whatever the outcome of this situation, I’ll be sure to post a follow-up. Thanks for taking an interest.


  3. I just called on behalf of this poor boy how is getting punished for the new American intolerance. We must be careful who we put in charge of our children. They are now teaching kids they have no rights and that there is nothing they can do about it. Growing up I was always told by my history teacher that the Soviet Union would take over America with out firing a shot. Being young I thought she was a nut job. I don not want to live nor have my children live in a American of travel visas endless background checks, secret police and politicians held unaccountable and above the law. I am afraid it already happened!

  4. This is just ridiculous and getting out of hand.

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