Just When You Thought The PC Police Couldn’t Get Any More Idiotic…

I wanted to post this a couple days ago, but time eluded me.  Better late than never, as they say.  Anyway, you’ve likely read or heard by now of the latest racial row in Dallas County, TX.  If not, here’s the sum:  White guy says the term “black hole,” referring to an office in which things seem to get lost a lot; two Commissioners of African-American descent take umbrage to the term, calling it unacceptable and going so far as to demand an apology.  It seems “Black hole” is now a racist term.

Never mind that the term refers to an area of space devoid of all light, and therefore actually “black.”  One commissioner, in defending his position to a local news outlet, equates the term to other “racially charged” ideas, such as white “Angel Food Cake” versus black “Devil’s food cake” or a “Black sheep.”

One would think that, before an elected County official starts acting offended and taking an official position on a topic, he may want to consider history and usage.  But context, evidently, is too difficult a concept for these particular Commissioners.  They might consider, for example, that the term “black sheep” is informed by the relative rarity in use of black sheep, thanks to the limited usability of black wool for fabric (versus white wool, which is preferred, not because some hick redneck thinks it makes some racial point, but because it is easier to dye other colors).  Hell, I’m not even all that educated — or from Texas — and I can figure that out.  Our dear Commissioner John Wiley Price may even have been able to simply google it, if the logic of the thing was too difficult.

But this whole debacle has got me thinking.  We must be doing pretty damned well, race-relations-wise, if this is the kind of stupid shit people have to complain about.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just irritable.  Does anyone else have a different opinion?  Maybe you think the guy’s got a point?  I want to know.  Really.  I have to understand what’s going through the brain of somebody who actually thinks like this.  I won’t even make fun of you.  Much.


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