Take Action: Tell Congressional Dems to Start Drilling

President Bush has finally lifted the Executive Ban on offshore oil drilling.  As expected, liberals of every stripe are bashing this as a bad move.  Evidently, they believe paying lip service to energy independence will ultimately, somehow, pay off for those citizens for whom $4/gallon gas means ultimate financial ruin, without actually having to do anything about it.  Well, that, or they just don’t give a damn.  Personally, I think it’s the latter.

You have to understand, though:  it goes against the grain of everything New Democrats believe in to actually deregulate something.  Asking Nancy Pelosi to empower the private sector by allowing anything that smells of domestic drilling is a great deal like asking a Shi’ite woman to enter a Daisy Duke Look-a-like contest, or asking Tyra Banks to stop being such a damned narcissist.  It’s just far too ingrained into the core of who they are.

Take heart, though.  There is a language even Democrat politicians understand: votes.  If their position appears to threaten their cushy jobs, they can be swayed.  In representative government, we do this mostly by calling our legislators, writing to them, and, very importantly, signing petitions. 

If we hope to gain independence from foreign oil; and if we hope to lower the cost to the consumer (read: you and I), we must begin building more refineries, we must drill domestically, and we must start looking into nuclear energy.  More than ten years ago, President Bill Clinton informed us that it would take at least 10 years for domestic drilling to provide any results.  It’s in our best interest we avoid being so short-sighted this time around.

American Solutions has several opportunities for action in this respect, with their “Drill here.  Drill now.” campaign, starting with the petition to sign, and including means of contacting your legislators, sample letters-to-the-editor, etc.  Go there.  Now.  Get a sticker while you’re at it, and tell your friends.  We are in a crucial time in American economics.  Far too crucial for Congressional Democrats to continue their silly political games.  And it’s time they knew it.


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