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Just What the Hell is Going On Down There?

Posted in immigration, national defense, politics, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on August 6, 2008 by Randy Streu

Though you won’t hear it from most major news outlets, Washington Times (along with Newsmax, WND and UPI) reports that a US border patrol agent was recently held at gunpoint by Mexican troops — on United States Soil. According to the report, Mexican soldiers crossed the border in a fairly isolated location, approached the border agent (who has not been identified) and pointed their rifles at him.

Surprising and outrages, perhaps — but even more so is the fact that this is only one over more than 200 such incidents to take place since 1996. Some incidents have not been quite as threatening as this one, while one, which took place in 2002, involved armed Mexican soldiers actually firing on a lone border agent, actually shooting the agent’s vehicle with a .50 caliber weapon.

While it is certain that at least some of the 200 incursions by Mexican military onto our soil were accidental (after all, it’s not as if there’s a border fence…), incidents like the two I’ve mentioned above are clearly threats to US agents, obvious international incidents, and, if we’re to be honest about it, acts of war. These actions may or may not be sanctioned by the Mexican government, but the United States has the right, authority and duty to demand an explanation from Mexico, and extract the promise that these events cease immediately, under threat of severe military consequence.

The fact is, The US Customs and Border Patrol is law enforcement.  They are simply not equipped to deal with a threat to national security — as armed Mexican soldiers entering US property unprovoked clearly is.  If only we had a group of trained soldiers whose job it was to guard the nation.

It is long past time to get on the backs of our elected officials about this.  It’s time to build the damned fence.  It’s time to militarize the border.  It’s time for the government to do what we elected them to do: protect the United States of America.

The Nanny Congress and Tobacco

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On Wednesday, a not-well-publicized vote went to Congress, to turn over the regulation of tobacco to the FDA. The bill, of course, puts more money into the FDA to combat smoking, in the latest federal attempt to keep adults from taking care of themselves as they see fit. John McCain approves of the measure. So does Barack Obama. And, as evidenced by a 326-102 vote in favor, so do far too many “Republicans.” Virginia Republican Tom Davis even called it a “vital step in protecting the public health.”

So is mandating condom use, Tom… at least in theory. Where does it end?

I got a letter in the mail the other day from the treasurer of the RNC, asking if I’ve given up on the Republican Party. With votes like this one, I continue to wonder if it’s not the other way around.

Michigan rep John Dingell, in making his own impassioned plea for the bill’s passage, even tipped his (and most of the Democrat Party’s) hand as to their attitude in approaching the smoking issue:

The distinguished gentleman (Rep. John Boehner, a smoker), the minority leader, is going to be amongst the next to die. I am trying to save him, as the rest of us are, because he is committing suicide every time he puffs on one of those things.

In other words, since Boehner — and every other consenting adult that chooses to light up — is too stupid to care about health, we, the federal government, should do it for them.  This is, frankly, the type of big-government, elitist nanny-state nonsense I thought we elected Republican leaders to fight.  But only 102 had the cojones to stand up to it?

Of course, other Dems (and GOP supporters) tried to deflect the nanny-state explanation of Dingell with the same old song and dance number called “It’s about the children.”  If I hear that tired refrain again, I may actually tear my hair out.  If I hear it from another Republican, I think I’m switching to a doomed third party.

Aren’t we paying these idiots to deal with important things?  Don’t we have bigger fish to fry?  This week, they’ve apologized for slavery and now taken “great strides” in fighting tobacco.  I thought maybe they’d want to toss around that off-shore drilling idea a bit, since their constituency is losing their collective shirt on gas prices.  Or maybe vote to kill attacks on the First Amendment like the “Fairness Doctrine.”  Does anyone else get the feeling that the Legislature is just running down the clock until vacation time?