Obama: Empty Suit, Empty Words, Empty Head

(via oo7angel, h/t Rod Patrick)

People can debate whether or not this falls under the definition of “plagiarism.”  But I find it interesting that some of Obama’s “Best” stuff is often other peoples’.

For example:



(last three videos from Chrisoh7)

By the way, I note I’m using videos compiled by other people.  Ironic, no?  I’m also giving them credit for it.  Get the difference?

So, what’s my point?  Simple.  Obama is accused of mouthing Democrat talking points.  Of being more of the same.  Of not being the “uniter” he claims to be, because he pretty much just toes the Democrat party line.  These accusations call into question Obama’s intellect and integrity.  These videos don’t help him.

Remember the key to electing a leader:  Leaders lead.  That’s not what we’re getting with Obama.  And what’s really scary is, with Obama, we don’t actually know what we’re getting.  These videos raise the question of what Obama, himself, actually believes.  If the words aren’t his, what about the ideas they describe?

These words by Obama are, indeed, “just words.”  He isn’t a leader — he’s a reader.  He’s a mouthpiece for the party platform.  He’s a good-looking, charasmatic, articulate guy, basically being fed talking points and bamboozling people into believing in his leadership.  On some level, we all know that lofty speeches don’t make a great leader — that some times, great leaders don’t give great speeches.  Let’s hope our fellow countrymen remember this before we put this guy in office.


11 Responses to “Obama: Empty Suit, Empty Words, Empty Head”

  1. I think you’re really grasping at thin air here, trying to point to a few clips of Obama saying similar things as other politicans and from that jumping to the conclusion: “He’s a pupper! No leadership! Not smart!” It’s just not a fair assessment.

    First of all, politicians use their little cliches all the time. If one politician uses a phrase that resonates, you can bet another will do the same. “God Bless America” is a good example of that. So is “Drill here drill now”. So is “fight with me”. The list goes on.

    These little clips don’t “call into question Obama’s intellect and integrity”. What you’re forgeting is a big part of plagarism is passing off an original idea as one’s own. Saying “I havn’t been in Washington long…” isn’t an original idea. It’s a statement of fact that anyone who hasn’t been in Washington long could say. Another important aspect of plagarism is that you don’t have the original author’s permission, which in the case of Deval Patrick, Obama did. That’s not a lack of integrity. And it’s just silly to say, because Obama isn’t writing new catchphrases he isn’t intelligent. Forget the fact he was a leader in Hardvard Law. Forget the fact he taught at the Unv of Chicago for ten years. Nah, he said something similar to someone else, he must be a fucking idiot.

    Obama is not more of the same ……. of what we got from te republicans and Bush. You could argue he’s more of the same Democratic ideas…….. but the Dems havn’t been in the White House, so by definition an Obama presidency (even if it falls under same ol’ dem ideas) DOES mean change.

    I don’t know how you “know” what you’re getting from anyone. If you’re going to claim “Obama is just a lier” then you can lay that charge against Clinton, McCain, or anyone else you just so happen to hate on. But to say he hasn’t been clear on issues is just lameness, since he has it all posted on his website.

    Your post follows a very similar pattern of people who dislike Obama for non-political reasons: take something small, blow it up best you can, then point and claim “SEE! He’s just empty!!! He’s just a conman!!!”

  2. Wrong.

    These are examples of what’s wrong with Obama. Well — part of what’s wrong with Obama. He’s been accused — long before I ever though to — of being an empty suit with no real ideas of his own. These aren’t mere cliche’s. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill bumper-sticker platitudes which all politicians use sparingly (and with which the good Senator fills his speeches). These are quotes designed to get a certain reaction from an audience, taken from other sources, and not properly cited. He is passing them off as his own. I have a problem with that.

    I have plenty of problems with Obama on the issues — and if you read any other posts on this site, it’s clear to see.

    But ultimately, what Obama is selling is snake oil, and people should be told about that, too.

  3. Maybe snake oil is what we need in this country, hmmm? Nobody said the man is perfect, and if he didn’t represent the democratic ideals then why would we want him as a candidate?

    Point out all his flaws, dig up all the dirt you can find, and blow it all out of proportion. None of that will do any good. America’s people want a democrat in the white house, they’re tired of living from pay check to pay check.

  4. Wrong right back at you, sir.

    I’m referring to the specific clips you have, and they are all cliches. You can maybe, MAYBE, make the argument that Deval’s line about “just words” is original enough to be called an idea, but Obama got permission for that, because they brainstorm together and are friends. In order to plagarize, there must be an actual idea stolen. Here, all you show are clips of cliches being repeated by Obama. And in rhetoric, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (no citation there either, I’m a plagiarist!)

    But then, this whole conversation is silly because we are talking about speeches. REAL plagiarism that would be disconcerting would be Obama taking someone else’s bill or story and passing it off as his own. There is no citing in speeches. Should one check to make sure nothing they say has ever been said before. Impossible.

    I’m sure you do disagree with Obama’s policy. That’s not surprising. But when you raise a fuss over non-issues like this, you betray yourself as biased.

    bottomline: If this is proof Obama is a snake oil salesmen, then every politician in history is one too.

  5. Dare — of course I’m biased. I’ve never claimed to be a news source. And yeah, there is citing in speeches. All the time. They aren’t cliche’s (except the third one — that I’ll grant you; I just found it amusing, how close it was). The first clip was certainly not a cliche, and neither was the second. Again, it was Duval Patrick — and perhaps they did get together and brainstorm it. I’m still not overly impressed by Obama’s use of it, because it IS the attempt to make it seem original.

    Tevvin – If Obama would admit that he wants to liberalize the US, that’d be fine. I’d disagree with him — and you — in the strongest terms possible, but at least it’d be a debate. The problem with Obama is tha he tries to pass himself off as a “new kind of politician,” as a “uniter” and as something of a moderate. His voting record says he’s just another liberal. This, to me, is problematic, and is a part of the “snake oil” I’m talking about.

    I might add, Tevvin, that if “America’s people want a Democrat in the White House,” as you assert, he’d be polling a little better. Just a thought.

  6. I think you’re really grasping at thin air here, trying to point to a few clips of Obama saying similar things as other politicans and from that jumping to the conclusion: “He’s a pupper! No leadership! Not smart!” It’s just not a fair assessment.

    Should I cite this, or pass it off as my own?……hmmmmm I think I’ll just use it, its not THAT big of a deal, right?

  7. It is true every politician does this, I could of told you that without you having to consult the democratic hive mind, but its nice to here the collective’s response.

    The problem is the message is all Obama has. He has no executive experience. The most critical role he has played in this country has been voting as a senator, and he’s voted neither yes or no but rather present the majority of the time. His foreign policy experience is well….non existent. So what’s left? His message. His speech. His plan.

    So if his message is stolen….what is to be left of our messenger. What is left of your Socialist Messiah now that we know he used cliff notes?

    Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

    So, probably right now your plugging back into the hive mind for your proper response. You’ll probably respond back saying something about McCain being Bush in an old man suit, or maybe the one about Palin being just as inexperienced and unknown as your chosen one.

    Save it. We’ve heard it all before. Both you and Obama have to work on thinking up ideas for yourselves.

  8. These clips are great. I really dont understand how any thinking person can view them and not thin somthing’s up there. A couple of them are actucally word for word. I tought Government for a number of years, And i’ve failed kids for copying less then that.

  9. I beg your pardon. Obama is not just n empty suit. He is a megalomaniacal, stupid, lying, fraudulent empty suit. Given his violation of the Logan Act during his trip to Iraq, he is also a traitor.

  10. Mary: I stand corrected.

  11. r2streu Says: September 21, 2008 at 11:38 am
    Mary: I stand corrected.

    Well, ok r2streu, maybe just this once.

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