9.12.08 – Looking for New Bloggers/SIT welcomes NightTwister

Society for Independent Thinking is looking for new bloggers.  Don’t worry — we’re keeping the current ones.  But we’re greedy.  Are you a politically active Conservative American with a bit of an anarchist streak?  Are you a long-time blogger who wants to get active?  Have you never really blogged, never really gotten politically active, but would like to start doing both?  Have we covered every angle yet?

In short, we’re looking for conservative Americans with a passion for volunteerism or political activism, who are interested in blogging about both national and local (within your own state or region) news and opportunities for activism.  Promote your local Conservative politicians, carry your local Constitutional battles to a national forum or just give your take on the news.

If this is you, and you can commit to at least one post a month, email a brief bio, along with a writing sample (preferably a current blog, or political essay of some sort), to: randystreu@yahoo.com.

I should add, you don’t have to give up your current blog to be a part of this one.  Some bloggers choose to simply cross-post here, anything they view as relevant to this forum.

And on that note, Society for Independent Thinking would like to welcome a new writer to our ranks.  We are fortunate and honored to have military veteran, IT professional and veteran political blogger Night Twister.  NT posts on not only his own blog, but on RedState, The Minority Report and Colorado-based Schaffer v Udall

Stay tuned.  We’ll be posting our “About” page — finally — and posting an official manifesto.  For right now, if you’re trying to decide whether SIT is a good fit for you, this is a good place to start.


2 Responses to “9.12.08 – Looking for New Bloggers/SIT welcomes NightTwister”

  1. Thanks for the welcome. I hope the quality of my work can live up to your introduction!

  2. Just remember all the little peeps who “knew ye when”


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