Psst. Hey, You. Yeah, YOU… the Media Think You’re Stupid

I’m sorry.  I just can’t let this go any longer.  After all, the media assault on all things Conservative isn’t anything new.  Why not just leave it alone, or let Rush Limbaugh talk about the Left Wing mainstream media?  They have been, in their elitist way, assuming that the vast majority of the viewing public is dumb enough to fall for their BS for a long time, after all — haven’t they?  So why poke that hornet’s nest now?

Well, a couple reasons, actually.  First, I have to mention tonight’s VP debate.  I know much has been made in some circles about the moderator.  But I have to ask… is there anybody out there that honestly believes Gwen Ifillwill be impartial tonight?  Ifill, of course, wants you to believe that doubts about her credibility are due to race.  “After all,” she says, “no one’s ever assumed a white reporter can’t cover a white candidate.”  Of course, never mind that she has written a book featuring Barack Obama, which is scheduled to be released on inauguration day.  Never mind that the election of that particular candidate would certainly have a positive effect on book sales, thus giving Ifill a financial stake in the outcome of this election.  There’s no conflict of interest here.  Of course not.

The media — or, certainly, various members of the media, would also have you believe that Sarah Palin is unqualified to fill the role of VP.  (I’m not going to provide a link here, by the way, and give these people more traffic.  If you don’t believe me, Google it).  This is the part I really wanted to leave alone; to let the citizenry parse out for themselves.  Unfortunately, it’s beginning to appear that many people are actually being duped by this line of attack.  I’m not going to argue it, really.  I’m too damned tired, and, by God, people should be able to figure this stuff out.  I am, however, going to rephrase what it is the media want you to believe. 

The media, and the Democrats (but I repeat myself), want you to believe that a woman who worked her way up from local politics to become governor of a state which supplies a vast amount of our nation’s oil wealth, who has worked out trade deals with foreign nations, and whose every step in her political career has been marked by difficult executive decisions is somehow less qualified for the office of Vice President than somebody who has a short career marked by making as few political decisions as possible — none of which were executive decisions, by the way — is for the office of President.

That is what you’re being asked to believe.  The media think you are stupid.  The question is, are they right?


One Response to “Psst. Hey, You. Yeah, YOU… the Media Think You’re Stupid”

  1. “Objective” mainstream media is dead and needs a good dose of CHANGE. They continue to claim “objectivity”, yet their presentations and the issues they choose or do not choose to pursue make this claim a mockery. The mainstream media have become like gnats on a summer day, circling close, but rarely touching the full truth.

    I thought you might need a pick me up. You are part of the change the mainstream media needs. Live, learn, and speak YOUR truth…you know the other guy will. Have a good day.

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