Revenge!: Piping hot.

 For months, if not years now, both current nominees for President have ascribed to populist sentiments to advance their cause. According to John McCain, Congress is a ravenous, greedy beast residing in a cesspool of self serving corruption. Only he has the requisite virtue to defend your fiscal honor and cast out the demons from, and rebuild, a fallen Jerusalem.


Barack Obama, on the other hand, cast the ubiquitous and shadowy “rich” as the nemesis of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  Only he can bring forth to this continent the necessary policies that will enable the healing hands of benevolent government to force these effete, “fat cat” bloodsuckers off the backs of the noble working man.. Pay no attention that his proscription of “change” is the platform of policies the Democratic party has been trotting out for years.


Add to these provocations of class warfare the current market debacle and House of Representatives rejection of the Wall Street “Rescue” plan and you have, as Reverend Wright so eloquently posed, the “chickens coming home to roost.” Is it any wonder that the population is close to pitchforks and torches on this issue when we have been programmed to believe that this is nothing more than a theft of treasure from the hard working common man, who can not get ahead because of inherent injustice in the system, by the corrupt, for the benefit of those who won’t pay their fair share.


As one would expect after failure of the bailout plan to pass in the House, the excuse matrixes of both parties are excruciatingly well defined. However, beyond Speaker Pelosi’s attack speech, or Republican pig headedness, there is ample anecdotal evidence to believe that the Representatives that voted against the bill did so based on strident and overwhelming feedback from their constituency. Imagine that; Representatives representing the wishes of their constituents.


I don’t believe I have ever seen the American people so riled. Not even after 9/11. In typical congressional fashion, a non sequitur codicil was added to the bill to assuage voter anger. They would limit compensation for the executives who took over the failing companies that would be propped up by tax payer financed crutch.


If you crash a car, you pay a price. If you crash a segment of the US economy, you walk away with millions. Suppose you dropped off your ’67 Camaro at a body shop. Next day when you return to get your car back, you are directed to a smoldering pile of wreckage. “That will be $700,000,000,000 please.” You won’t pay the original mechanic, but you will pay dearly to anyone who can put your car back together.


We really don’t care how much the next wave of executives get paid if they can pull a recovery off. However, after all the money lost through costs associated with another stellar example of Congressional over sight, the Sarbaines-Oxley Act, there should be arrest warrants for, and the seizure of assets of, the executives responsible for the current market melt down.


No recovery bill will have the support of the electorate until there is a long humiliating “perp walk” by many, many Wall Street “Masters of the Universe” and perhaps even government officials who’s incompetence has led us to the current market situation.  It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold. Right now the American people are demanding theirs piping hot.


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