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Farewell for now…

Posted in blognews on January 9, 2009 by Randy Streu

After much soul-searching, I have decided that the Society for Independent Thinking Blog will shut down indefinitely.  The pages will stay up as archives while I consider the future of the site, and of SIT itself.  It may well be that we return in a different form, or with a different, or better-defined, mission.

Until then, you can catch the contributors at our various local political or personal blogs:
Randy Streu (r2streu)

Tim Ambrose

I would like to thank our readers for participation, and discussion, and my fellow contributors for their friendship and quality work.

Until we meet again.


Merry Christmas

Posted in blognews on December 24, 2008 by Randy Streu

Howdy, folks.  Merry Christmas from the Society for Independent Thinking bloggers.  Hope you enjoy the time with your families, and that you think on the true meaning of Christmas: the Grace and Hope to be found in Jesus Christ.

As for me, personally, I’ll be finishing out my semi-hiatus, and be back to work come January, as we prepare for the Obama presidency, and begin to look toward the possible futures for this country.  I do hope you stay tuned.

Also, we are still looking for SIT bloggers — both to contribute to our page here, and to be a part of the Independent Thinking blogging network, which I hope to introduce more thoroughly in January, as well.  Whether or not you already have a blog, you’re always welcome to blog here (just send an email to r2streu(at)gmail(dot)com) and tell me about yourself, your political views, and where I can view a sample of your writing (which helps us better gauge where you’re coming from).

‘Till January, then… God Bless you, and Merry Christmas!

9.12.08 – Looking for New Bloggers/SIT welcomes NightTwister

Posted in blognews, politics on September 12, 2008 by independentthinking

Society for Independent Thinking is looking for new bloggers.  Don’t worry — we’re keeping the current ones.  But we’re greedy.  Are you a politically active Conservative American with a bit of an anarchist streak?  Are you a long-time blogger who wants to get active?  Have you never really blogged, never really gotten politically active, but would like to start doing both?  Have we covered every angle yet?

In short, we’re looking for conservative Americans with a passion for volunteerism or political activism, who are interested in blogging about both national and local (within your own state or region) news and opportunities for activism.  Promote your local Conservative politicians, carry your local Constitutional battles to a national forum or just give your take on the news.

If this is you, and you can commit to at least one post a month, email a brief bio, along with a writing sample (preferably a current blog, or political essay of some sort), to:

I should add, you don’t have to give up your current blog to be a part of this one.  Some bloggers choose to simply cross-post here, anything they view as relevant to this forum.

And on that note, Society for Independent Thinking would like to welcome a new writer to our ranks.  We are fortunate and honored to have military veteran, IT professional and veteran political blogger Night Twister.  NT posts on not only his own blog, but on RedState, The Minority Report and Colorado-based Schaffer v Udall

Stay tuned.  We’ll be posting our “About” page — finally — and posting an official manifesto.  For right now, if you’re trying to decide whether SIT is a good fit for you, this is a good place to start.

Because 80% Right is Better than 100% Wrong

Posted in blognews, Elections, John McCain, politics with tags on May 3, 2008 by Randy Streu

Society for Independent Thinking is slowly creating shamelessly self-promotional merchandise.  But for now, we’re going to promote McCain.  Because, well…

T-shirts bearing similar designs are available at the SIT store.

New Domain Name; Join us; Other News; More Content Forthcoming

Posted in blognews on March 22, 2008 by independentthinking

The Society for Independent Thinking blog now has a new domain name.  (Don’t worry — the old one still works.)  You can now access this blog at

We are still in the process of procuring a full website for SIT; whereupon we will also begin the bulk of our work.  Those curious about what, exactly, we’re trying to do — or about joining the organization — can send email directly to r2 (Randy Streu):

Speaking of, Randy has also recently joined an organization called Freedom Defended.  This organization, like SIT, is dedicated to spreading Conservatism and in ensuring the survival of liberty in the US. 

And finally, more content is on the way, including further installments of “My Government.”

Keep checking back.

Black Tuesday

Posted in blognews, Elections, Fred Thompson, general, News, politics on January 22, 2008 by ambrose7

A short while ago, Fred Thompson issued this statement

“Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”Thanks for your support, everyone.”

Fred you will be missed.

HUMAN EVENTS Endorses Fred Thompson

Posted in blognews, Elections, Fred Thompson, Fred(!), general, Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, News, politics, Ron Paul on January 11, 2008 by ambrose7

I was excited yesterday to hear Sean Hannity speak of a big mystery endorsement for Fred Thompson today.  I had no idea who it could be.  Lets face it Conservative group after Conservative group have endorsed Fred Thompson over the past few weeks.  I love to bring up to supporters of the Huckster that it was Fred Thompson not Mike Huckabee who the National Right to Life group supported and more recently the South Carolina Right to Life supported.  Recently South Carolina right to life even put there money where there mouth is sending out thousands of mailers supporting Fred Thompson. 

All that being said this morning I was ecstatic to read that Human Events would endorse Fred Thompson.  Human Events is the premiere conservative magazine in my opinion, with such featured columnists as Newt Gringich, and Ann Coulter.  

About there endorsement Human Events said this We begin by recalling the profound words of Ronald Reagan at the Conservative Political Action Conference Feb. 15, 1975: “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” We believed that then, and we believe it now. The issue for us — and for the conservative community — boils down to which of the candidates is most representative of the fundamental conservative principles we believe in. The answer is Fred Thompson.  To reach that conclusion, we looked closely at the former Tennessee senator and his opponents to judge whether they measure up to conservative standards. Some come close, and others clearly do not.” 

Its good to see one Conservative media group to step out and do the right thing.  I would now challenge both Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who must support Fred Thompson because of those things they say they want in a President to step out and do the same before it’s too late.

To see the rest of the article from Human Events –

To tell Sean Hannity “Your A great American now step up for Conservatism and support Fred Thompson” –

To Tell Rush Limbough the same –