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Super Tuesday & Why we should punch our ballet for Mitt

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A Few weeks ago I had they chance to vote in Michigan’s primary, when I did this the Republican race was wide open and It wan anyone’s game.  I showed my support for this time for true Regan Conservatism and cast my vote for Fred Thompson. 

Since this time the landscape has changed greatly with only 2 viable candidates left in the Republican Party; Mitt Romney and John McCain. (Sure Ron Paul is still here, but he just is after more media coverage before going back to the libertarian party.  The Huckster is still around as well but he’s up to something far more sinister) 

Of the two candidates left the difference couldn’t be more different.  Minus his health care plan, Mitt Romney is a strong Conservative.  McCain is not.  McCain calls himself a Republican but is there in name only.  McCain is for Amnesty, He’s against tax cuts, his people would even tell you he doesn’t believe he can carry true conservatives in an election.  He’s simply hoping to grab moderates, Independents, and Democrats.   Why would Republicans want a leader whose staff would basically cant carry Conservatives because he’s not running on a Conservative platform. 

No I mentioned something earlier about Huckabee’s slow talking Southern Baptist demeanor fool you.  I am confident Huckabee was part of some back room deal with McCain long ago.  Since about halfway through Iowa these two have been spending there time and money going after Mitt Romney.  McCain as the moderate pulling Independents, and Huckabee as the Conservative, splitting the conservative vote, and allowing McCain to sneak by with wins in places like North Carolina and Florida.  And lets face it I cant say it enough, Huckabee isn’t actually a conservative merely a social conservative, with the term former minister in his title.

So this being said is why Conservatives everywhere need to get out and Rally around Mitt.  Those who have supported Tancredo, Hunter, and Thompson in the past need to throw their support to Mitt. Those who are running for Huckabee should throw there support towards Mitt, Even the less crazy Ron Paul supporters should look to make a change.   Conservatives need to bring in someone who won’t come in here get rid of tax cuts, and make it legal to be illegal.  Lets quite turning a blind eye towards the record of this Grandfather type old man because he was a POW, or because he got a nice sense of humor.  Let’s remember he’s also good friends with Ted Kennedy and has time and time again supported liberal’s and liberal Bills. 

I’m now supporting Mitt Romney.  Will I ever consider myself a “Mitt head” no, he’s still the guy I support because I’m against the other guy, But there’s good reasons to not want the other guy to win.


Black Tuesday

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A short while ago, Fred Thompson issued this statement

“Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”Thanks for your support, everyone.”

Fred you will be missed.

Proud and Sad

Posted in Elections, Fred Thompson, politics on January 17, 2008 by ambrose7

Yesterday I voted.  Apparently less then 20 percent of the population in Michigan did, and that saddens me this evening.  I know a lot of people would credit that to the fact that only Hilary and Kucinich appeared on the Democratic ticket, yet 236,234 Democrats voted undecided, not to mention the large number of Dems who voted for John McCain.  But that’s another story.

Tonight I find myself in an odd situation, Proud to be an American yet saddened by the apathy of Americans.  For example a good friend of mine claims to be a conservative, has been talking a good Fred Thompson talk, he had the opportunity to go vote, yet chose not to because he didn’t think Fred had a chance in Michigan.  Now its true Fred hasn’t been polling well in MI, but how many other Fred Thompson supporters did the same thing; 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000?  Who knows?

Somewhere around 230 years ago are forefathers risked there lives to give us a free nation where we had the opportunity to elect our leaders.  Brave men went to war time and time again risking and often giving there lives so that we may live in this great Representative Republic.

I believe hands down I have picked the right candidate.  And I will debate that issue with you all day.  Yet if you have put some thought into who you are voting for done your research and go cast your vote, I can and do respect that.  If you are truly unable to vote perhaps a lack of transportation, or child care, I can respect that.  If you truly have not made a decision, I would encourage you to vote undecided, but I can respect that.  If you are part of the 75% of Michiganders who didn’t vote because they just didn’t feel like it, that makes me sad.

 As I stated earlier, I voted yesterday.  I drove, I waited, I cast my vote for a candidate who every poll said didn’t have a chance.  I know the final results and I would do it again tomorrow because it is my dury and my right as an American.

That being said, Congrats tonight to Mitt Romney, Conservatism (although slightly skewed) won out in the very liberal state of MI.  Also thank you to the 20% of Michiganders who pulled away from apathy to get out and vote yesterday.  And a special thanks to the 2,820 men and women who let there voices be heard tonight by voting for Duncan Hunter, You knew he has no chance in this state, and no chance in this election, but you liked what he stood for, went out and told the country.


HUMAN EVENTS Endorses Fred Thompson

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I was excited yesterday to hear Sean Hannity speak of a big mystery endorsement for Fred Thompson today.  I had no idea who it could be.  Lets face it Conservative group after Conservative group have endorsed Fred Thompson over the past few weeks.  I love to bring up to supporters of the Huckster that it was Fred Thompson not Mike Huckabee who the National Right to Life group supported and more recently the South Carolina Right to Life supported.  Recently South Carolina right to life even put there money where there mouth is sending out thousands of mailers supporting Fred Thompson. 

All that being said this morning I was ecstatic to read that Human Events would endorse Fred Thompson.  Human Events is the premiere conservative magazine in my opinion, with such featured columnists as Newt Gringich, and Ann Coulter.  

About there endorsement Human Events said this We begin by recalling the profound words of Ronald Reagan at the Conservative Political Action Conference Feb. 15, 1975: “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” We believed that then, and we believe it now. The issue for us — and for the conservative community — boils down to which of the candidates is most representative of the fundamental conservative principles we believe in. The answer is Fred Thompson.  To reach that conclusion, we looked closely at the former Tennessee senator and his opponents to judge whether they measure up to conservative standards. Some come close, and others clearly do not.” 

Its good to see one Conservative media group to step out and do the right thing.  I would now challenge both Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who must support Fred Thompson because of those things they say they want in a President to step out and do the same before it’s too late.

To see the rest of the article from Human Events –

To tell Sean Hannity “Your A great American now step up for Conservatism and support Fred Thompson” –

To Tell Rush Limbough the same –


Thompson on the Move

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Its good to See Fred exposing the lies that Mike Huckabee has based his campaign on.  He has pointed out time and time again the flawed record of the Huckster who has been able to do little to defend himself.  Giuliani Seems like a non player, McCain just looks Old.  Mitt seems to be sitting back and enjoying the fact he not being attacked much tonight. 

The commentator just threw the Huckster a curve ball about him being quoted in the paper about wives being submissive to your Husband.  He answered it sort off, But the religious right should take note he just said He would in no way impose his religion as President.

They now just asked Ron Paul if he even felt he had a chance to be elected.  By the way Ron Paul seems just as crazy as ever.  I wish they would stop asking him to participate.  Instead we could get a parrot who sat in the corner and just continued to say “No war, no war, no war, no war”


Four Hours Later

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Today sat and watched 4 hours of Republican debates, right around 2 hours from ABC/face book, and a 2 hour debate from For News.  On a positive note there were no gay x-military Hilary Clinton supporters asking the candidates questions.  The candidates were also give time to actually answer a number of the questions given.  On those questions Fred answered thoughtfully and completely.  Now for the negative side of things, it seems both ABC and Fox were basically only interested in getting Huckabee and McCain to attack Mitt and Visa Versa.  It seemed hugely apparent tonight on fox, as those three would be brought into an argument over a given topic, Then both Rudy and Fred were asked if they had anything to add.

On another note after these Debates I’m worried more then ever; if these are the top 5 Republican leaders we have to offer what is the state of the Republican Party.  Isn’t the Republican Party the party of Conservatives?  As far as I can tell there are only 1 ½ Conservatives running.

Fred Thompson – The very definition of a Regan Conservative, I’m truly baffled, as he is exactly what the Republican Party has been saying they wanted for the past year, yet we can’t seem to get behind him not that it counts.

Mitt Romney – Other then his stance on Health Care (Which is debatable) Mitt seems pretty conservative.  Unfortunately he has only had some of these beliefs for the last few years?  What would we get in the White House I’m still not sure?  So I give him a mark of ½ Conservative.

After these 2, the argument can no longer be made who is more conservative, but who is less liberal?  To be honest I’m not sure.

Huckabee – Weak on Immigration, weak on taxes and weak on spending.  Not to mention Weak on healthcare, weak on foreign affairs.  All he really has going for him is he’s strong on social issues, and he uses the name Regan a lot when he talks. 

McCain – Hugely weak on immigration, and opposed Bush Tax Cuts.  He’s strong of Foreign affairs and Spending, but is pretty non-existent when it comes to social issues.

Giuliani – Hugely weak on Social issues and immigration (lets face it he cleaned up New York but made in a sanctuary city).  Sure he’s good with taxes, spending, and ok on healthcare, but if it wasn’t for Sept 11, would most of the country even know who he was?

As far as Hunter and Paul go, Duncan Hunter was not invited to either debate, and Ron Paul only the first one.  Both should consider dropping out sooner rather then later, but we will talk about that more tomorrow.


A Silent Primary

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Wyoming held its Republican primary today with little fanfare or News coverage.  Several candidates hadn’t been there at all, yet the people of Wyoming spoke out, and though you will find little coverage of the primary through you’re major networks, a conservative message won the day.  With Mitt Romney winning the field and taking 8 delegates, and Fred Thompson coming in second with 3 of his own.  Duncan Hunter finished third on the day and will receive 1 come Convention time.  Its good to know that there in America’s heartland conservative values still win out, In a place where people voted on a candidate’s message alone, and were not overwhelmed with the media driven message of “change” the down home values of Freedom, Family and Faith won the day.


Early Thoughts on the You Tube Debate

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Well first off I’m not a huge fan of this whole You Tube format; Why, because I’m tired of this 8 man debate structure.  We no longer need 90 second sound bites; let’s see some discussion into plans and policies.  How many more times do we need to hear that Hunter built a good border fence, or that Rudy reduced crime in New York?  Also I get the fact that Paul wants to bring our troops home and Mitt no longer is Pro Choice.

Secondly this was a very liberal forum in which these men were asked to answer questions.  From an openly gay army general who had already pledged money to Hilary’s campaign to members of John Edwards’s staff.  This was You-Tube and CNN pushing the liberal agenda.

That being said I guess there were a few highlights and lowlights to this evening’s event, so let’s take a look at the evening’s winners and losers, or at least my first thoughts on how each candidate did.  I will write more on the debates after a second time of watching and taking notes.

Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo –My thoughts with these two are why they are still in this election.  I’ve watched debates, read articles, even checked out there sites, yet I still don’t think they have an original idea to stand on.  They both want to close the borders, and that’s about it.  They don’t have a chance at winning, and there not pushing the envelope, drop out already and vive the other candidates more time.

Ron Paul – Half of what this guy says is brilliant, unfortunately the other half is insane.  He has a ton of supporters but most of them are sure the government is conspiring against them and watching their every move, so they will never leave the safety of their mom’s basement to vote.  Paul didn’t add to or hurt his chances with tonight’s debate, he still can’t win.

The other 5 candidates all have at least some chance to walk away with the nomination.

Mike Huckabee – I could get behind this guy if he didn’t buy into this whole George Bush thought process of compassionate conservatives.  Also his fair tax is insane as it will shift the burden of the taxes to the poor and middle class.  I love his Christian Values; he’s just soft on everything else.  I really think he would be best of to make a deal with one of the Big three to come aboard as a Vice President if they win, and try to push the Conservative Christian vote their way.

John McCain – He may have won the debate tonight, He seemed to be given a lot of questions and he attacked wisely.  He probably can’t win an election he’s still to liberal and his actions earlier this year in trying to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens killed any chance he had.

Fred Thompson – If McCain won the debate tonight with personality, Thompson won it with the issues.  Once again Thompson seems to be the only one who consistently puts out new ideas and doesn’t seem to continually fall back on his record.  Unfortunately the media seems against him, as it seems he can get a question his way.  On top of that I think the other candidates fear him as they refuse to go after him knowing he will get a chance to respond.  Thompson is going to have to find a better way to get his message out then these sound bite debates.  Fred and maybe Mitt are the only true Regan Conservative of the bunch.  As Mitt flounders late and the truth about Huckabee somewhat liberal values comes out, I think Fred will take off.

Mitt Romney – Usually the smooth Politician seemed to flounder at times tonight.  He rarely puts out thoughts to his presidency and has been reduced to fling mud at Rudy every chance he gets.  Mitt may be a good President, but the more mud he flings the more Huckabee and Thompson rise in the polls.

Rudy Giuliani – I don’t understand how conservatives continue to support him.  He’s more liberal then McCain.  Yet he has a large conservative following.  He’s for stricter gun control, he’s pro choice, he’s against basic family values yet he continues to evade all questions that will hurt him, and the few he fields he merely double talks his way around it.  He did well in the debate, but once again, it was all about reducing crime in New York.