Have I Been A Bit Preoccuppied?

The people at Inside The Beltwaywere kind enough to link my recent Thompson blog (along with Erick and RedState and a few others).  So, first, thanks. 

The reason I mention ITB, though, is because of an observation regarding the SIT blog, which is that we appear to be a Thompson campaign site.  I don’t take it as a criticism — and am kinda flattered, to be honest. 

However, though I have no apologies whatsoever about the fact that, of the posts on this blog well over half are Thompson-related, I do feel an explanation is necessary.  I never did get around to doing that stupid “about” page anyway.

The fact is, I personally, and indeed all three site contributors (including the non-active invisible contributor you’ll meet soon, God willing) are Thompson supporters.  And, in fact, this support stems directly from what Society for Independent Thinking (SIT) is all about.

SIT is a group, not only of conservative bloggers, but of activists.  Generally speaking, the SIT blog will be filled with thoughts on current events, and general political ponderings and rantings about our beliefs.  But, we believe, action is vital for change.  Talking about what you’d like to see in government is great, if you can get people to read you.  But actually doing something about it is far greater.

One of the greatest powers we as citizens have is that of the vote.  It sometimes seems a small power indeed, but when wielded correctly — and when used in conjunction with the votes of others, it can win battles.  Right now, in the Presidential Primary season, we have a selection of candidates for Republican nominee that demand attention.  For me personally (not speaking for SIT), this is a make-or-break year for Republicans.  We are dangerously close to losing our values, and to losing our party.  More and more of those who call themselves Republicans are very close to the Left on many issues — and some all the way over; they just haven’t bothered to change their names.

My disillusionment with Big Government Republicans even prompted me to vote for Perot several years back.  Another Big Government nominee may make the switch permanent.

 Society for Independent Thinking is about freedom from government — not to put too fine a point on it.  We believe, like Thomas Jefferson, that “those who are governed best are governed least.”  We believe individuals can excel when left alone by government — and that such excellence can benefit society more in a free market than under stiff and often meaningless regulation.  We believe the rights to Life, Libery and Pursuit of Happiness are non-negotiable; that they are not granted by government, but by God — and that legislation can only limit freedom.  We believe the purpose of government is to be the guarantor of these freedoms, but not the provider. 

We also believe a strong civil defense begins with strong borders.  This means following the law on immigration, along with tighter border security.  We believe the global Islamic Jihad must be won — not merely ignored — by the United States and her allies.

And the Republican Party was once the party that believed these same things.

It is for these reasons that SIT is not merely endorsing Fred Thompson for President, but taking as active a role as we can in seeing him elected.



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