A President and Vice President For Our Time

Today, we again find ourselves at a crossroads. The administrations of the Presidents since Reagan have worked to erode our freedom and opportunity since that time. Thankfully, our current President has kept us safe and fought against terrorism for the past eight years. His tax cuts have led to unprecedented growth and opportunity, but uncontrolled spending has brought us to the brink of financial disaster. Added to this are the socialist policies of the democrat party that have sought to completely undermine our financial system. Rather than acknowledge this, they seek to not only continue these policies, but to nationalize the financial institutions that are no longer solvent due to those policies.

The choice before us today is clear. We can choose to be led by a man without experience, who has been a part of the implementation of the very policies that has devastated our economy, who has never been proud of America, who pals around with domestic terrorists, who’s campaign has been involved in or turned a blind eye to corruption and hatred, and who offers only unspecified Hope and Change. If you listen closely, you’ll find out what that represents. Higher taxes, government handouts for people that don’t participate in the system, and a significant reduction of our freedoms.

Or we can chose to be led by a man that loves his country. This man has fought and sacrificed for his country his entire life. He’s made friends and foes on both sides of the aisle, but has always placed the good of his country over his own. A man with his qualifications and experience could have made millions in the private sector, but such a man is not motivated by money or power, but by love of country. This man is John Sidney McCain III. His campaign slogan says it clearly:

John McCain is the right man, at the right time, to make our nation great again. His priorities perfectly fit our needs at this critical time. John McCain will win the war, keep our nation safe, reduce government waste, eliminate the pork, stimulate our economy which will create jobs, and protect lives. Protecting lives includes those of our military, people at home and abroad, and most importantly, those that cannot defend themselves.

This leads me to John McCain’s most important decision; who would he select to fight this battle with him? There are those that would say words and rhetoric are most important. Those of us that have been around for some time know differently. We recognize that our even our children do not evaluate us based on what we say, but rather what they see us do. John McCain selected a running mate who shares his vision and hopes for America. Someone who has already reformed the government of one of our important States, and who has a genuine love for Country and for those who have challenges we cannot comprehend. This woman is Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

Sarah Palin’s rise has been fast and eventful. She took on the entrenched powers in both political parties in Alaska, reformed and cleaned up the government there (making enemies on both sides of the aisle along the way) to become one of the most popular Governors in the nation. At a time when less than 20% of the nation thinks our current leaders are taking us in the right direction, over 80% of those in Alaska believed Palin was doing the job the people sent her there to do.

More than this however, McCain’s selection of Palin shows that he is committed to the conservative principles of life and freedom that we hold dear. Her choice to bring her child to term, even with the knowledge that he would suffer from the terrible disability of Downs Syndrome, shows her commitment to the sanctity of all life. She has already shown on the campaign trail that she will work hard to be an advocate and voice for those that do not have one on their own.

John McCain is the right man at the right time for our nation. He will lead our nation with honor and keep us that shining beacon on a hill. Sarah Palin is the right woman for now, and for our future.

I hope you will join me in voting for McCain/Palin for President and Vice President of the United States on November 4th, 2008.

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4 Responses to “A President and Vice President For Our Time”

  1. averageuscitizen Says:

    I would have been glad to join you in 2000, but after the last eight years, I’ve seen how deregulation has ruined our economy, I’ve seen over 4000 brave young men and women have died fighting in a country that did not attack us and the people who did regroup. I’ve seen worldwide terrorism rise exponentially, I’ve seen what happens when the so called fiscal conservatives have free reign. They spend like drunken sailors and John McCain voted with them most of the time.

    I’ve seen the rich get richer and the middle class lose their homes, their benefits and their jobs. I’ve seen fuel, food and medical costs skyrocket. I’ve seen tired thinking about the future of our great country and a lack of forethought about consequences of our actions. I’ve seen a complete lack of personal responsibility and ethics in both big business and the administration.

    That is why I am voting for Barack Obama. He has his problems and like all politicians including John McCain, he has made promises that he won’t be able to achieve, but he is young, extremely intelligent, has a grasp of other cultures that we must deal with and will surround himself with very capable people. He would not be where he is today without an extraordinary ability to lead.

    John McCain has been in congress for almost 30 years. Why was he not able to lead us in the right direction before? Why should we believe he will be able to now?

  2. average — it is clear from your comments that you didn’t bother to actually read the posted blog. Further, this appears to be more a prepared text to use on pro-McCain or Anti-Obama blogs than an actual direct response to the post.

    In the interest of furthering the conversation, I’ll leave your propoganda piece up — this time. Do not let it happen again.

  3. average: I’ll respond to your arguments one by one.

    1. McCain fought for regulation. Obama, and the Democrat congress fought against it, which created our current financial situation. McCain warned against this years ago, and introduced legislation to change it, but Obama and his party prevented its passage.

    2. McCain has fought against government spending, to the point of voting against the Bush tax cuts because they didn’t include a cut in spending. McCain had the answer then, and still has it. Obama wants to create another $1 trillion dollars in new government spending.

    3. The rich have gotten richer, and the poor have gotten richer too. People that live at the poverty level in the United States would be considered rich in many other countries. McCain wants them to have the same opportunity to improve as every other person in this country. His policies will do that. Obama’s will only make everyone poorer.

    4. You have no idea what Obama would do, because he’s never done anything. That was the point of my blog, which you apparently (based on your response) didn’t even read.

    5. McCain has led us in the right direction while in Congress. He has accomplished much, and will accomplish more as the leader of our nation. Obama has done absolutely nothing during his time in Congress. He regularly showed up for work late, and never once held hearings for the committee which he led. His only accomplishment as a senator in Illinois was to make sure children born from failed abortions would be left to die.

    As I said in my blog, John McCain is the right man, at the right time, for President of the United States.

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