Edwards Says “Jump” …

As I mentioned here a day or so ago, John Edwards challenged other Democratic nominees to, among other things, adopt a $9.50/hour minumum wage.  Which, as I also mentioned, is a horrendously bad idea.  Among the reasons I listed previously, there’s also the fact that a minimum wage increase like this would create inflation, while giving no relief to those workers who originally made the same or more than the new minimum wage (employers, for reasons of basic economy, rarely raise larger incomes in a direct ratio to the minimum wage increase).

However, Hillary Clinton took the bait.  And, as I might have guessed, she’s making it look like she’s leading the charge, while her campaign credits her with more strong, bold leadership.  Hillary simply and neatly neglects to mention that it wasn’t even her idea.  Seriously.  I could write this woman’s script.

I don’t mind when Dem candidates play “mine’s bigger than yours” — I do mind when they play it with our money, our economy and our future.


2 Responses to “Edwards Says “Jump” …”

  1. […] won’t rehash my arguments against this idea.  Those may be found here and here.  But, as an update:  Several days ago, I posted a couple of these concerns over at […]

  2. […] wisdom of the decision, but it does leave something of a void in the Democratic primary.  Who will publicly tell Hillary what her next big proposal should be, so she looks like a leader?  Who will be the Dems’ “Nice hair” guy?  Who will […]

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